Syttende Mai Album - 17 Mai 2004

A large group of our Norwegian friends came to California to help us dedicate the "Slooper Monument" (bautastein) at Napa on May 15, 2004.  On May 17th, Norway's Constitution Day, we celebrated this important holiday in San Francisco.

The holiday began with a breakfast for everyone at the house where many were staying. The Tysvær shirts were popular that day.

The contingent from the nearby hotel arrive with their flags and all sing a round of "Ja Vi Elsker . . ." (Norway's national anthem)

Rotraud greets our Floridian guest Wilma & others with treats and a presentation.

Most used their free day to tour San Francisco.  This group rests in front of the pagoda at Golden Gate Park's Japanese Garden. (Keith, Rotraud, Einar & Wilma)

Back to the house to don the bunads for the evening ceremony at the Seaman's Church.  Liv Naravek, Wilma Aubry, & Jorunn Rasmussen pose for photos.

Traditional bay winds whip flags, skirts, ties and hair of the group as they walk the steep sidewalks into the Norwegian Seaman's Church of San Francisco.

The group demonstrates their  festive spirit with Norwegian flags & traditional costumes.

The three Slogvik sisters are about to enter the church.  Left to right: Norfrid Dagsland, Helga Halleland, Jorunn Rasmussen (all from Tysvær)  

On the Church's balcony, Gunleif & Kate Seldal of Kleppe, Rogaland, stand beneath their country's flag with the San Francisco Bay in the background.

Reidun Ramseland, Wilma Aubry, Signy & John Hettervik join Peg & Keith Wheeler beneath the glass windows of the reception room at the Seaman's Church.

The three Slogvik sisters, this time with their brother, Einar Slogvik, form a family portrait for the occasion.

Norfrid and Håkon Dagsland stand for their photo also.

Interim Pastor Audun Erdal, from Stavanger,  in his fantastic Rogaland bunad, downstairs in the auditorium before the ceremony.

A nice shot of the audience waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Hanne Krogh, a favorite with  Norwegians & Americans, treats us to a couple of songs for the occasion.

Hervik's John Hettervik stands by (right) as his wife Signy presents a handmade gift to the San Francisco Seaman's Church. 

Einar Slogvik and Jorunn Rasmussen are greeted by the Norwegian Consul General, Are-Jostein Norheim.

Ingvar Frøland gets a warm thank you from Peggy Wheeler, while   Dagfinn Kvale, retired pastor of the Seaman's Church, autographs a copy of his book for Gunleif Seldal.

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