Saudi Links

With emphasis on those related to Riyadh area

Not meant to be exhaustive nor put down in order of importance, this is just a collection of Internet links we have found interesting and/or useful.  We welcome suggestions for more.

  1. Al-Turath, a nonprofit foundation to preserve Saudi heritage, located in Riyadh. - site is in both English & Arabic - they were our hosts and sponsors for our visit. Al-Turath page related to our 2005 visit: "Mr.Wheeler's memories by word and photo"

  2. ArRiyadh City Site - Ar-Riyadh Development Authority (ADA/RDA) - a top Riyadh site!

  3.'s Riyadh Travel Guide site - check out members' Riyadh pages.

  4. Keith's Riyadh VirtualTourist page - Keith will now need to update this page.

  5. "Saudi Arabia - 1964 - 1966" - Comentary & photos by Martin Lovegrove of England who spent about 2 years in Riyadh teaching engineering and doing related work.

  6.'s Riyadh city information site.

  7. Saudi-American Forum - an excellent resource for Americans to better understand the relationship between our 2 counties. The Forum serialized Fran Meade's Honey and Onions book on her extended experience in Riyadh dating from the mid 1960's.  We found it most interesting and highly recommend this online read. All chapters can be accessed at this "Chapter 10" page.

  8. Saudi-US Relations Information Service - "The SUSRIS project -- an independent, private-sector information resource" - we recommend their "A Conversation With Frances Meade" interview.

  9. The Saudi Arabia Information Resource - See "Riyadh" & "Scenes of Riyadh"

  10. This "Riyadh, The Dead Centre of Saudi Arabia" information page was recommended on the Riyadh VirturalTourst Forum.  We also found it of interest.

  11. private family's site with much info on life & culture of Saudi Arabia in general

  12. - The Aramco oil company's most excellent cyber version of their great informative (& free) print publication, "Saudi Armaco World" which we have enjoyed over the years.

  13. - Saudi Arabian Oil Co.

  14. Aramco ExPats - a site for both past & present folks connected with the Aramco oil company.

  15. Welcome to - A great new Riyadh site by Journalist Brian Salter just discovered Nov. 2007. See also a related article in the Arab News entitled, "Riyadh: A City With Much More to Offer From A to Z"

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