Name:                     David Carson (or Curry) OAKS1,2,3,4,5,6

Sex:                         Male

Father:                    Levi Cutter OAKS (abt 1800 - )

Mother:                  Sarah TIBBETTS (5 Jan 1811 - 28 Aug 1894)


Individual Facts

Birth                       1831                                                        ME7,2

Death                     27 Apr 1899 (age 68)                            Newville, CA2,4

Burial                                                                                      Newville, CA



1. Isabelle ANDERSON

Marriage                9 Apr 1857 (age 26)                              Napa, Napa Co., CA

Children                 David Jacob "Jake" OAKS (28 Sep 1859 - 29 Sep 1947)

                                Julia S. OAKS (1 Aug 1861 - 29 Oct 1879)

                                Cynthia ? OAKS (abt 1862 - )

                                James Albert "Ab" OAKS (1864 - )

                                Andrew J. OAKS (19 Apr 1868 - 1 Nov 1879)

                                Itasca OAKS (1875 - )

                                Jackson OAKS ( - )

                                Maggie May OAKS (7 Jan 1877 - 26 Oct 1879)


Notes (Individual)

Birth: [Some family information has birth year as 1930 or 1929.  Came from Maine(?) and Iowa(?).]

General: The Slooper book gives his middle name as "Carson;" Lingenfelter's Tehama County Pioneers and Bonnie Grant and Del Osborn's data have his middle name as "Curry."  Lingenfelter further states that he came to California in 1853.  Slooper book spells his last name "Oakes" as does Lunceford.  Most other family information, including family members' gravestones, spell the family name without the "e."  In the 1860 US census, Napa Co., CA, he is listed as "David C. Oaks" and as age 30 and as a "Farmer."  Also listed in his household at this time was his wive Isabelle, age 21, his son David, age 1, and a 50 year old male with the last name of Hamilton listed as a "Carpenter."  As indicated by the census listing he and his family were living next to his wife's parents.

   The Slooper book states that he was the "son of David Oakes and his wife, nee Tibbett, a relative of Lawrence Tibbett, the opera star" (the name of his father an apparent error based on other family information)  and that he "met Isabelle while she was with the wagon train on the way west."  This book further states that he "worked at mining in Amador County.  He had a pretty good claim, and acquired enough enough money to by a ranch.  However he gave the money to a woman he supposed he was going to marry and she skipped, so he lost the ranch.  He was a real pioneer and had many experiences with the Indians, especially with his friends, the Numelacks."  He must have been able to buy some land as he sold "80 acres of swamp known as 'Green Island'" to Jacob Anderson in 1861 (according to Napa Co. records).  He "came from Maine (?) and Iowa (?) and met Isabelle while she "was with the wagon train on the way west.  He was with a group of men driving cattle, and gave her a calf. ... David C. and Isabelle Oakes lived in the vicinity of Napa and Soscol. ... D.C. Oakes was a grain farmer but liked to go hunting.  He and his oldest son would shoot bear and deer, dry the venison, and sell it as jerky.  David C. liked to by land and his oldest son would work it.  One property was near Paskenta, Tehama County." (Slooper book)  Grant, in quoting Hitchcock & Lingenfelter, indicates that he resided in Newville, CA, in 1866 and that he held property in southwest Tehama Co.



Notes (Family #1)

Marriage: [Marriage Certificate states, "By the consent of parents and then at the Mtn. House in said County."  Witness: Jacob Anderson & John Gage, Justice of Peace.]



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