Name:                     Albert Chester "Dick" HILLIARD1,2,3,4

Sex:                         Male

Father:                    Richard Chester HILLIARD (22 Nov 1818 - 16 Apr 1879)

Mother:                  Martha Jane ANDERSON (12 Jun 1836 - 16 Jul 1873)


Individual Facts

Birth                       4 Jul 1867                                               (near) Slabtown, Amador Co., CA5

Death                     12 May 1944 (age 76)                           Loyalton, Sierra Co., CA6

Burial                                                                                      Loyalton, Sierra Co., CA



1. May Lucinda OAKES

Marriage                13 Dec 1892 (age 25)                            Paskenta, Tehama Co., CA7

Children                 Alma Leona HILLIARD (14 Oct 1894 - 20 Aug 1978)

                                Cecil Francis HILLIARD (1897 - 1974)

                                Emma Sylvia HILLIARD (1899 - abt 1978)

                                Arthur Bertram HILLIARD (1902 - 1904)

                                Roy Weston HILLIARD (1904 - 1940)

                                Alton Louis HILLIARD (1906 - 1923)

                                Victor Percival HILLIARD (1909 - 1976)

                                Dorothy Dene HILLIARD (1911 - )

                                Lola Marie HILLIARD (1910 - 1982)

                                Crystal Fay HILLIARD (3 Oct 1916 - )


Notes (Individual)

General: Married May Lucinda Oakes and had 10 children, 8 of whom married and had children of their own. (Slooper book)

During his early years he was raised near Jackson in Amador Co.  His mother died when he was about 6 and his father died when he was 11.  He and his younger brother were sent to Tehama Co. to live with his Aunt Isabelle and Uncle David Oakes on their farm near Paskenta. 

"Dick lived with them (the Oakes) for a while and then took off on his own because of family problems.*  He worked on farms and whatever work he could get.  Two years later in 1881 his aunt passed away.  He then took his younger brother and raised him. ... Dick Hilliard owned and operated a lumber mill up on the mountain west of Paskenta and also an apple orchard.  He sold apples up and down the Sacramento Valley as far away as Sacramento.  The lumber mill and part of the orchard were destroyed by fire in the 1920s (about 1925).  After this tragedy the Hilliard family moved to Oroville and later to Loyalton." (Corning Observer) *Dick's youngest daughter and author of the Corning Observer article, Crystal Hilliard Lunceford, reports that Dick did not get along well with his aunt's husband, David Oaks, and that David was a very stern person. (phone call with Crystal Lunceford 14 Mar 1999)  His mother's obituary in Nov 1940 referred to both him and his brother George as "of Stockton."

The following information was copied from back side of photograph of the Hilliard Paskenta sawmill owned by John Bedford:  "The Manson-Hilliard saw mill was in the Coast Range mountains about 18 miles west of Paskenta at about 4,000 feet elevation on the south side of Thomas Creek.  Hilliards had a lumber yard at the foot of the mountain on the Covelo Road about 7 miles west of Paskenta where they sold lumber.  It was called the Paskenta Lumber Company.  The saw mill burnt in 1925.  This saw mill was run by steam when it burnt in 1925.  Also there has been ox yoke found in the area, so they must of logged with ox teams at one time." (Crystal Hilliard Lunceford confirmed that they did use oxen in the early days but later used tractors to pull out the logs.)


Notes (Family #1)

Marriage: [Osborn's Tehama Co. Marriage Index indicates that they were married in Red Bluff, CA.]



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