Name:                     George Alma HILLIARD1,2

Sex:                         Male

Father:                    Richard Chester HILLIARD (22 Nov 1818 - 16 Apr 1879)

Mother:                  Martha Jane ANDERSON (12 Jun 1836 - 16 Jul 1873)


Individual Facts

Birth                       21 Dec 1871                                           Jackson, Amador Co., CA3

Death                     aft Nov 1940 (age 68)                           Stockton, CA


Notes (Individual)

Death: [Mother's obituary Nov 1940 indicates that he was then living in Stockton.]

General: Never married. His mother died when he was 1 1/2 years old; he was 7 when his father died.  See brother's notes.

He was raised near Jackson, CA, until his father died in 1879.  He then lived with his Aunt Isabelle Anderson Oaks until she died.  He then was raised by his older brother.  He worked for a time for his brother at his brother's mountain mill and orchard.  He later moved to the Stockton, CA, area where he died.  He was known to have severe asthma. (phone call with Crystal Lunceford 14 Mar 1999)



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