US to Saudi Arabia July 1960

Information presented in these albums are based on old and fuzzy personal memory banks.  Accuracy is not guaranteed.  Corrections &/or additions are welcomed.  

Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina - View from temporary visitors' barracks prior to flight out to Saudi Arabia, 10 June 1960..

A brief stop in the rain on the island of Bermuda.

Another refueling stop at Portugal's Azores.

And another brief stop over at Madrid, Spain. (No photo at next stop, Wheelis Air Force Base, Tripoli, Libia, as was middle of night).

Upon arrival at destination of Dhahran Air Field on the Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, visiting enlisted men are put up in these air conditioned barracks.

Hunting trophies on display at Dhahran Air Base - most probably came from safaris out of the area (e.g., Africa)..?

After arrival at Dhahran, several days were given to orientation & physical adjustment to the heat.

This photo, previous one, & following 12 were taken during orientation tours out around the Dhahran & Gulf Coast areas.

Date palms.

A road out in to the Gulf...?

The old fort at Quatif.*



Aramco's oil fires ahead..?

First view of Bedouin & their colorful trucks.

A closer look at a petroleum fire.

An old wall near an oasis.

A distant view of a mound breaking the flat horizon.

Believe this is part of Aramco's huge complex. "This building is the ARAMCO Admin building. It housed all administration personnel and had the first IBM 360 mainframe system in the kingdom."*


Entrance to town of Al Khobar (see Postcards for 2 aerial views of Al Khobar).  "King Khalid Street, today a fountain stands here in this location. The First three sets of buildings 1 story and 2 story were called the Khaki Flats (the British named them that since they were rental units that were tan in color."*

A flight west in a DC3 ("Gooney Bird") & Keith meets his new Riyadh home.

Another view of the enlisted men's "villa" north of Riyadh, located very near the airport.

A view north from our villa looking towards the mosque and Riyadh Airport.

This is the view south towards the old parachute jump tower.

Roof view to the southeast showing one of our VW rigs headed for the main Airport Road in to the city of Riyadh.

Looking down across the dirt road is the building used as our kitchen, dining facility and other support functions.

Across the road & a little to the north is the officer's villa.

This southerly view from our roof shows our military radio antenna & tip of tennis/volleyball court.

A view south towards our complex of 3 buildings.  The jump tower was always a prominent landmark.

   * Identification contributed by Jude from Portugal who grew up in old Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in the 1960-70's when his father worked with ARAMCO.  His original e-mail was lost soon after it arrived in 2006 and not rediscovered until November 2010.

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