Around Riyadh & City Zoo - August 1960

View towards officer's villa from our roof.  Goat/donkey herder bring stock by.

In search of the elusive forage, the herder brings his animals in our barren yard.

Off towards the airport, he takes his animals.

The entrance of the Hotel Zahret el-Shark on Airport Avenue.

In contrast to the modern hotel this shows the much older Riyadh architecture.

And then in even more stark contrast - a very "modern" Riyadh building.

Not a common Riyadh site - a garden area.

A common chore was taking some of the houseboys to help us get potable drinking water from the local Canada Dry bottling plant.

Here Scotty talks over the task at hand.

Back at the compound, houseboy Mousa gives us a Saudi salute.

Also with salutes are the cute sons of our Pakistani laundry & cleaning man.

Here are the  boys, their dad & his nice new Olds. Dad came by periodically to pick up & deliver our laundry.

Out on a local area tour, Elkins, ? & Scotty stand by our trusty VW "Type 2 Transporter, Crewcab Pickup."

Heavy traffic in the Riyadh desert.

Don Elkins visits with proprietor when we stop for refreshments.

Keith also poses with this friendly fellow.

We must slow for this herd of sheep/goats (always hard to tell the difference here).

Are we coming up to a penitentiary or military base?

No ... It is the Riyadh Zoo where we get both rear & front end view of these hot big fellows.

Giraffes find the shade on this hot day.

Not sure of the name of this relative of our deers...?

A monkey or ?? talks things over with this young Saudi visitor.

The smart elephant also stays in the shade.

Can't name this fellow who is some distant relative to dogs or wolves.

This big cat stays close to the cooler concrete of its cage.

This beautiful fellow lets us get a closer look.

Not sure what type of bear this one is..?

Nice stripes on this healthy looking cat.

Mom & pop Lion take it easy in the heat.

We look back as we leave the zoo.

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