More Views Around Riyadh - August 1960

Driving towards work at the Ministry building, we came across this accident.

A street scene closer to the center of the city of Riyadh.

One of the more modern Riyadh streets.

An interesting building under construction.

The Hotel Zahret el-Shark near the Ministry of Defense & Aviation where we had our offices.

A closer view of the front of the hotel where many of our officers lived.

Don Elkins with 2 of our helpful assistants.

Still in front of the hotel, Keith, Don & friend pose in front of our VW.

And another shot with more of our houseboy assistants.

Now to the Canada Dry plant for a load of potable water.

Inside the plant this photo came out rather blurry.

Keith poses with some of the colorful landscaping in front of the plant.

Not sure what or where this modern Riyadh building was - maybe the University..?

Another compound - maybe one of the several area military complexes..?

Another city view from the road.

And again the contrast with the earlier "mud brick" construction.

Heading back out toward the airport and our villas.

This makeshift shelter near our villas was a favorite photo-op site, especially when the "NCO Open Mess" sign was tacked up on it. 

Back at our compound, the ever popular Louie is teased by ?? & Elkins.

Sunrises & sunsets were often spectacular out here in the desert.

Of course when the air was often filled with dust, the sky often looked like this.

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