Royal Nasiriyah Palace, Part II - Sept. 1960

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

See introduction to Part I for background on these photos.

We find more striking pink buildings & ponds of water in the central portion of the palace grounds

Keith takes a break at this vantage point in our palace grounds tour.

... and more fountains

... and more polished stone walkways.

We enter an even more secure area in the center of the grounds.

This doorway is well guarded. I believe this was probably the entrance to the King's reception hall.

A closer look at the Saudi Royal guards.

Inside, the hall's massive chandeliers were quite impressive.

Inside the lighting was poor for my camera & slower color film, but this was a view of the ceiling.

Sadly the film came to an end when these two throne shots were overlapped.

One view of the upper walls inside this huge ornate room.

This view is towards the throne at the far end. Beautiful carpets covered the floor. 

Another dim view towards the throne.

Some of our group rested in the ornate seating that line the walls of this room.

The outside was equally ornate.

We look back after leaving the hall.

Just a portion of the entrance area shown in this shaded shot.

Leaving the central palace grounds we look back just before exiting the main gate.

A close up view of the main exit, looking back in.

One last shot of the Palace's main gate.

Now back to the "real world" of Riyadh, even though this is a more modern portion of the city.

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