Christmas 1960 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

U.S. Military Training Mission to Saudi Arabia

Can you help correctly identify any of those pictured here?  If so, contact Keith.

At Xmas tournament: Keith on left, Lt. Col. Croonquist on right, Sgt. Scott center, others ?? - our villa in background.

The volleyball tournament gets under way. Notice heavy winter clothing!

We played on this court in all kinds of weather - usually in soaring Saudi desert temperatures.

Parts of our 3 villas showing in background.

Keith gets to serve this one.

Scotty looks on as Keith tries to spike this one.

He gets another hand on the ball. (Friend Bill Cathcart must have taken these shots..?)

A spike in to the net gets everyone excited.

Scotty & Keith team up for this play.

Height does help in this game. Scotty covers below, Lt. Col. Croonquist backsup. 

Keith handles another one.

Spirited action continues.

Games over - everyone gets dressed up for Christmas dinner (Louie Prima in white in front of enlisted tree).

Enlisted men gather at front door to their villa before going over for dinner.

A few identified: front foreground: Don Harris, Will Culpepper (in cast), Don Scott, Louie far right; Bill Cathcart in dark suit center; Bobby Orr tallest background; others ??

Will Bennett (right) & ? by Xmas tree appropriately (?) under the Mecca Ka'ba tapestry.

Mac McGuire (in uniform) looks dazed, but no "hard" drinking going on here.

Enlisted men get ready to feast. Looks like Master Sergeants are at the head table: Ed Humm, Julian Guzman, Ellsworth Blois, John Klasinski, & Joe Hutnick (???).

clockwise from left: Don Scott, Bill Cathcart, Del Moerke, Daryl Lemas, John McGuire, Will Culpepper, & ??

Big Bobby Orr far left, Don Harris to left of red candle, Will Hochstrasser to right of candle, next is MSgt Lukens, Will Bennett on far right edge, others ???

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Our Unit's Xmas Card     Our Xmas Dinner Menu & Greeting from Commanding General

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