Asmara, Eritrea, Africa - Jan. 1961

    In midwinter some of us are able to break away, catch the "desert run" Goony headed west, and visit the town of Asmara, high above the Red Sea in east Africa.  As seemed usual, we were greeted with spring like weather, friendly local folks and fantastic food (and drink!).  These photos give just a glimpse of parts of the enjoyable days we spent in Asmara.  An active evening social life did not lend itself to recording photos for posterity.

This photo of the US Kagnew's main gate appeared in the earlier Asmara album, but this picture was actually taken on this later trip.

Quickly leaving the Kagnew Station, we hire a "Gerry Cart" for a pleasant ride in to the city.

What a great way to see life in this bustling town that has a strong Italian influence, as it used to be under Italian control years ago.

Not sure where this spot was, but we get glimpses of everyday life as we clip-clop by.

As we get further in to the city we even come to busy intersections controlled by street lights.

One of our first stops must have been to "Joe Bar" were friend Bill poses with probably Joe & Mrs. Joe.

It was then probably next to our favorite place to call our home away from home, the Villa DellaRosa.

Here "Mama" prepares a great Italian/African breakfast as her helper looks on.

Something new to us, but greatly enjoyed, was fresh tomatoes cooked with our morning fresh eggs.

Mama was an artist in the kitchen.

When she cooked, the help stood at the ready & we ate appreciatively!

At the dining table (L-R), Julian "Guz" Guzman, Scotty & Bill Cathcart enjoy the feast while Mama & her 2 helpers look on.

From the roof of the pension we get a view of the city & the prominent nearby church.

From another angle we see this courtyard & some government building.

And down on a morning in Asmara street scene.

And another busy local intersection.

And yet another view from the roof of the Villa DellaRosa.

It is also a time to get a group picture of Mama and her staff.

And Keith gets a great hug from Mama herself.

And this shy helper consents to posing with Keith.

A closer view of that church seen from the pension's roof.

A view of "downtown" Asmara.

Another Asmara boulevard. 

This wagon might have problems, but does the job.

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