Riyadh & Road to Al Kharj - Desert Drives - Jan/Feb. 1961

    As pointed out in the previous "Feast at Al Kharj" album, the "agricultural oasis" town of Al Kharj was located about 55 miles southeast of Riyadh. There was located a military detachment and the King's experimental farm.  During my stay in Riyadh, we took several trips to Al Kharj or on the roads out in that direction.  These photos were taken around the city of Riyadh and on the road on one of the days we drove out to Al Kharj, as well as photos from other desert drives in that direction.

A Riyadh street scene

An older prominent building in Riyadh.

A similar (maybe same?) Riyadh building.

An open area in commercial Riyadh.

I believe this main boulevard in downtown Riyadh was called Canal Street..? (Memories of the LA River)  

A produce market place in Riyadh.

Front seat view of a Riyadh street.

This was probably towards the outer edge of the city.

And even farther out.

In contrast with these modern Riyadh homes ... 

... we find a bit more "basic" lifestyle nor very far away.

Always a land of contrasts, we enter desert country only to find this modern communication tower.

In the distance in this desert area, we see what appears to be a large orchard.

A very prominent landmark on the road to Al Kharj is this tree which we called "The Saudi National Forest." Notice camel caravan in background.

We soon come to the prominent tents of the Bedu or Bedouin. 

A collection of such tents were a common site on our trips out & about Riyadh.

Getting closer to Al Kharj we see more green vegetation. 

A colorful Saudi family on the move.

A common site on Saudi roads was drifting sand.

Another group of Bedu tents.

and a closer shot at one of them. 

A little drifted sand & a Saudi check point - probably on way back from Al Kharj.

Almost looks like quitting time at the factory.

More drifting sand. If the wind/sand storm was larger, it was called a "shm'al" & could be quite hazardous.

The higher grade officers got to drive the brand new Ford station wagon, but even it had flat tires.

Another required stop to pay homage to the "Forest" tree.

This time we find a small group of unattended camels farther down the road.

On another day/trip we took these black & white photos on this road.

At the edge of the escarpment we find this water pumping operation.

This is a view down to where an underground river is exposed.

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