Al Kharj Volleyball Visit - Feb. 1961

    As pointed out previously, Al Kharj is located about 50-55 miles southeast of Riyadh. There was located a Saudi military detachment and a very small component of our US Army training mission.  Being considered an "oasis," as underground water was available there, it became the site of the King's experimental farm and other agricultural pursuits.  According to information found on the Internet, Al Kharj has grown immensely in military importance as it is now the site of the huge Prince Sultan Air Base.  It also has expanded as a major agricultural region for the country.

    In the winter of 1961 our Riyadh Army Element group traveled down to Al Kharj for the day of sightseeing and a friendly volleyball tournament.  These are photos from that day.  Some photos of the drive to and from Al Kharj this day are included in the previous "Road to Al Kharj" album.

Some sort of compound or encampment near Al Kharj.

Plenty of Saudi military vehicles here.

On the road to Al Kharj.

We see more vegetation as we near the town.

And more importantly, we see plentiful water here compared to other parts of this region.

An older classical style building with large military truck nearby.

Many local tan building blend in to the color of the soil.

This is most likely the main gate of the military training compound.

Here the volleyball game gets underway.

Our group took volleyball pretty serious.

and one final view of the game.

Then it was time to visit downtown Al Kharj.

These black & white shots of Al Kharj were taken on another day ...

... but included here to show some candid shots from this town.

A view of the souk which was not open at this time.

A great candid shot taken from a moving vehicle.

Another "Main Street" view.

And this a view of a side street.

Someplace in Al Kharj - maybe the entrance to the King's farm..?

A source of underground water.

Water being pumped in to the irrigation ditch.

Not sure but probably a pumping station. (Is that an oil spill..?)

Another Al Kharj view.

Probably more of the King's farm complex..?

Another view of this complex.

And back to an older part of town.

This area had seen better days, &/or was due for demolition..?

One last view of Al Kharj.

More waterworks as we head out of town.

Back on the road towards Riyadh.

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