Buildings & Views of Old Riyadh - Apr.-May 1961

The previous photo album (#14) showed the "new modern" buildings of the 1961 period.  This album shows various buildings, locations and activities around the older part of the city of Riyadh.  At this time, no identifiers, names or labels can be put on any of these photos.  Again, we ask any visiting viewers who have information on any of these to contact us.   For this purpose, a number has been given to each photo.

See crude old map from "Through the Camel's Eye with ibn Moses" for relative location of buildings & landmarks of Riyadh in 1960-61.

#1 A Riyadh intersection/roundabout.

#2 Old Riyadh street scene.

#3 Partially demolished older buildings.

#4 Wide variety of transportation seen.

#5 Not sure of the vegetation carried here - people or animal food . . or?

#6 A well shaded corner shop.

#7 An active shopping area

#8 More busy shoppers.

#9 Another souk area.

#10 A better look at an entrance to the souk.

#11 Life & rubble in the City.

#12 A very common & efficient form of area transportation.

#13 Another view of a wide old city street.

#14 A very noisy place! A Riyadh metal works.

#15 A view over an older part of town.

#16 More unidentified prominent buildings.

#17 Some of these old "mud fort" type buildings could be Fort Musmak or the old Murabba Palace or ..??

#18 Unidentified..?

#19 Unidentified..?

#20 Unidentified..?

#21 Unidentified..?

#22 Unidentified..?

#23 Unidentified old building with modern gas station in front.

#24 A transition back to more modern times.

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