Riyadh City Life Views & Wadi Visit - Feb.-Apr. 1961

Here are some views of life and places in the city of Riyadh.  Included in the lower part of this album are 6 photos probably taken a ways out from Riyadh.  These were labeled "Wadi with Dino, Feb. '61" but memory fails and there is no explanation of who Dino is or just what wadi this was (a "wadi" is a usually dry river bed or desert depression where water can be found and where vegetation of grows).  The last 4 photos are from the Mission's compound near the airport.  Again, if you can help with identification of these specific places, please contact Keith.

An average sort of street scene on the edge of the city center

A busy intersection in downtown.

After an infrequent rain it is time for car & bike washing wherever water collects - a common scene after rain.

One of the many gas stations in Riyadh.

Not sure what piece of heavy equipment is here being used..?

Behind the gas station a crowd gathers. With a close look it appears someone is swinging around high on something...?

Another common site within the city, as well as the countryside, was foraging sheep & goats.

Out from the center of the city.

Two friends pose with colorful flowers (such colorful landscaping was not common).

Kids & bicycles go together in any country.

Just like the Bedu trucks, bikes were often dressed up with bright colored tape & other adornment.

The local gas station where we usually filled up (Mission Jeep here). "...pumps run by Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO)(AA LOGO). The center dispensor is kerosene the outer are leaded high grade gas."*

A large group of females (possibly from a school) photographed from a moving car at a distance.

Further out on the edge of the city.

The first of the group of slides labeled "Wadi with Dino, Feb. '61." Moon over Bedouin tents are prominent in this wadi shot. 

Looking somewhat like the area around the Duriyah ruins, someone (Dino?) & Ed Ouelette are seen here.

Even the Chevy is unfamiliar in this shot of Ed getting ready to take a picture of Scotty & ??

Scotty & 3 unknown men are seen in this shot of several chicken coups.

Scotty on far left with 2 unknowns in an area of irrigation ditches. 

This must have been a tour to some agricultural project that has faded too far in to lost memories.

A view from the Bill & Keith's villa balcony, the moon is seen over the dining/support villa.

A northerly night view towards the airport showing the Airport Ave. street lights that functioned as crude landing lights for the highly experienced TWA contract pilots.

A February night sky over the Riyadh Airport, as seen from Keith & Bill's balcony.

Inside the villa, many of the walls were decorated with the traditional tapestries.

   * Identification contributed by Jude from Portugal who grew up in old Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in the 1960-70's when his father worked with ARAMCO.  His original e-mail was lost soon after it arrived in 2006 and not rediscovered until November 2010.

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