East (Gulf) Coast visit - Apr. 1961

Occasionally we would catch the "Desert Run" flight to the Arabian Gulf & Dhahran Airfield.  This might be for a medical appointment, work related trip or going to or from an out of country trip.  Frankly, very little can be remembered about this trip and this group of slides dated April of '61.  Most, especially the latter photos, appear to have been taken on some sort of organized outing.  Other group members pictured here are not recognized and were not part of our Riyadh element.  As with all of these albums of old military travel photos, suggestions and identifications are encouraged.

      Thanks to input from the folks at this Aramco ExPats web site, we believe we can now better identify where most of these photos were taken. With the exception of the 1st 7 photos, most, if not all, of these photos were taken on an outing to the large Al Hasa oasis located inland from Dhahran & Dammam, but still in the eastern province.  This was a visit to the oasis, the town of Al Hofuf and the Jebel/Jabel area with its limestone caves called "Ghar Al Hashshab" ("cave of the arrow maker").  Additional input welcomed (& thanks, Vicci).  [Also see: "Al Hofuf and Jebel Qara" web page & this Saudi Arabian Airlines Domestic Tourism web page.]

Obviously a shot on the Gulf Coast probably near Al Khobar.

Another waterfront view.

Not a typical Saudi scene, so must have been part to the Base or an Aramco facility.

Probably part of Al Khobar

An Al Khobar back street..or Hofuf..?

Another back street of Al Khobar or other nearby town, maybe Hofuf..?

Look out of place? Not if you were on the American housing area of an Aramco facility

A great symbol in this desert region, these camels are down in front of some old fort..? Hofuf again??

A nice portrait of an animal that could be pretty nasty, though valuable in this land.

Another back street shopping area.

A large prominent mosque located ...??

A trip out in to the sandy desert near the Gulf.

This was obviously an oasis area with the highly valuable commodity - water!

Yours truly posing under a palm tree (proving to me that I did actually take this role of film & was present during this day trip).

This area with plentiful water might have been in the Hofuf oasis area..?

Open water often attracts desert trucks in need of a bath.

This fellow has quite an antique rifle.

This very distinctive terrain should jar lose some memory banks, but the old memory banks were foggy.

With help from the internet & the Aramco ExPat site, I am reminded that this is the Jabel area in the Al Hasa Province. 

Within reach of a day's outing from the Dhahran Airfield, this is the entrance to the popular Ghar Al Hashshab caves.

Again, none of the others pictured in this series are recognized so they were probably personnel from the Dhahran airbase.

Very unusual geology compared with our familiar Riyadh terrain. 

Hopefully someone can help us better identify this particular interesting Saudi area.

Three shrouded ladies head towards ..??

Another unusual sight for Riyadh accustomed eyes - lush, green vegetation of the oasis area. 

Another fort - or another view of the fort in the earlier photo.

One last fort view - located .. probably in the Hofuf area??

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