Desert Drive - Dhahran to Riyadh - May 1961

    Several of us must of had business which took us to the Dhahran area on the east coast of Saudi Arabia.  Most of these slides were taken during the atypical drive back from the Gulf to Riyadh.  If memory is correct, 3 officers, Sgt Scott and Keith made the trip bringing back to Riyadh a new Ford station wagon to be used by the US Army Element.  We also ran in to a sand storm or sma'al which did a good sandblasting job on the front of the Ford.

Probably with an early start, we were soon out in to the desolation of the desert.

One of Aramco's facilities gives a break to the skyline.

The long road ahead with little change in scenery. 

Time for a break & a drink - No, not a beer break!

Here we near some sandy desert dunes.

The desert dunes have their own peculiar beauty. . .

. . . except when the sand drifts across the road (as was often the case).

More desert views.

Arriving back at our Riyadh compound near the airport.

This shot was probably taken the day after the desert drive & was from the roof of the MODA building looking toward the "eye of the camel."

Another view from the roof looking north across the Senior Officers' Institute toward our compound & the airport (about 2 miles distant).

Again from the roof - probably looking south or southwest toward downtown Riyadh.

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