Last Views of Riyadh - Good Friends Made - May 1961 & Before

Some final views from the Riyadh area shortly before departure for an extended return trip to the States.  Also included in this album are photos of friends made during the Riyadh stay, both members of the Army Mission as well as local folks who became good friends.  Keith would love to reestablish contact with any of those with whom he served during these months in Saudi Arabia.  Thanks to the efforts of his old roommate Bill Cathcart, these two are now in contact (while living on the opposite sides of the US).  Any information regarding the Saudi citizens pictured in the bottom 6 photos would be greatly appreciated. 

An entrance to a modern, but unidentified Riyadh facility.

Another view of the main entrance of the palace complex.

A newly built mosque complex.

This was seen on the outskirts of Riyadh on the road toward Duriah. Could it be a kiln of some type?

One of the few garden areas found in Riyadh.

A favorite place to go for soft drinks and cold desserts.

Scotty & Dave relax in the shade in this open air part of this restaurant.

The wait staff stands by, also in the shade.

Back at our villa, roommate Dave talks with Del Moerke at the doorway to our shared room.

Inside our room, this is Keith's decorative corner, with cards & photos from California family & friends.

Keith, Dave & Louie Prima don their Arab dress for this photo.

Keith & Ed Ouelette pose on the roof of our villa with the mosque & airport in the background.

One more view of these friends on the roof - soon to be going separate ways.

Louie in less formal attire in front of his staff sleeping tent. 

Friend Mohammed bin Sa'ad, who is remembered as a worker at MODA.

Keith & Don Elkins pose between 2 good friends, Ibrihim (left) & Jamal/Gamal Sharif. This photo taken professionally at a Riyadh establishment.

Here are good friends Jalal & Jamal.

Jamal (pictured here) & Keith became close friends but addresses & contact were soon lost after parting. (Back of photo)

Jamal's father who owned & operated an agricultural supply business in Riyadh.

Good Friend Roger Brando, who it seemed worked at a local bank at the time. (Back of photo)

Another good friend whose name has faded from memory & cannot be made out on the back of photo.

Please send any information about any of those pictured above to Keith

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