Leaving Riyadh - Goodbyes - Leave Saudi Arabia - June 1961

    Photos in this album were taken on Keith's last day in Riyadh.  These were pictures of saying goodbye to friends and colleagues at our compound and at the nearby Riyadh airport.  As new replacement staff had been coming in, and therefore known to Keith a relatively short time, many of their names have been forgotten.  As stated in previous albums, we would like very much to make contact with any of our fellow "Desert Rats."  If you have any information on any pictured here, please email Keith:

    The final 8 photos below were taken at the Dhahran Air Base during the day or two getting ready to start the flight toward home.  He would continue to fly east until returning to the west coast of the US, thereby circumventing the globe during this year in the Army.

In the center here, in front of one of our villas, is MSgt. Simko & Lt. Col. Croonquist (maybe Keith's bosses?).

"Top Dogs" - our leaders - unsure of names but believe they were Col. Von Rohr & Lt. Col. Lentz. 

Some of the more recent arrivals to our Riyadh group.

At the front steps of our villa, from the right, Scotty, Keith & Ed Ouelette - names of remaining 4 have been forgotten.

Now at the airport, the group has the addition of "Big Bobby" Orr on far left.

An airport view of some our guys & vehicles waiting for the arrival of the Gooney Desert Run.

Sp4 Wheeler by our bus. (What did those stars symbolize?)

Friends Don Scott, Ed Ouelette & Del Moerke by our trusty bus.

The reliable (sort of) Gooney arrives and taxies in.

Good friends, Keith, Ed & Scotty.  Was Ed also shipping out with this flight?

Keith does the requisite prop pose.

Supplies get unloaded before passengers board.

The final Riyadh photo from the Gooney window.

Air-conditioned quarters for visiting enlisted personnel at Dhahran Airfield on the Arabian Gulf.

The beautifully designed Dhahran Airport terminal building was just under construction in June of 1961.

Impressive architecture but far from being ready for use.

Another view of the terminal that was then under construction.

This terminal still stands & is in use today in what is now called "Dhaharan International Airport."

This is the terminal area as Keith remembers it in 1961.  Many great memories would be taken home by this young soldier - many adventures, great friends made & a much better view of this part of the world.

The red & white control tower commands a view of this coastal airstrip. Keith was able to qualify for the "embassy flight" that would take him back to California via south Asia & the Pacific.

The MATS Super Constellation  ("Super Connie") with its US Navy crew awaits the "Embassy Run" that would take Keith towards home (with stops in Pakistan, India, Thailand, etc.).

Please send any information about any of those pictured above to Keith

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