Black & White Photos, Group 1 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    RIYADH. Located some 245 miles west of Dhahran, and capital of Saudi Arabia, is the site of the headquarters of the Army section and of some Army training activities. At present some officers and men are quartered in adjoining buildings on the edge of the city and occupy three houses of stucco over mud-brick construction. Quarters are air-conditioned, but are crowded, with two or more persons to a room and five or six to each bathroom. A private mess is operated, which individuals join by paying an initial charge of $50. This may be paid in three increments in successive months, and is returned upon change of station. Mess bills are payable monthly and costs average about $3.00 per day. Laundry services are performed by houseboys or work may be done by commercial laundry. Dry-cleaning services are locally available at prices approximating those of civilian establishments in the United States.

    Offices are located in the Defense Ministry building, about a mile from the quarters area.

    A small exchange is operated by Army personnel. There is a limited library, and pocket books and magazines are received regularly. Movies are shown almost nightly for all personnel. [from pages 8-9, U.S.M.T.M. info booklet, ca. 1960 >>]

The "desert run" DC3/C47 "Gooney Bird" landing at Riyadh Airport. Total Airport control is what you see here (one of our guys with his hands up).

A view looking forward inside the Gooney - often crowded with cargo & personnel.

View toward the back. Not fancy accommodations on those bench seats for often turbulent flights.

Keith in his desert uniform shortly after arrival - this taken on balcony outside villa bedroom shared with Bill Cathcart. 

Inside their room is all the comforts, except that the air conditioner did not work when it got hot. The nearby hospital drew down electrical power during hot days so we experienced regular "brown-outs."

The modern looking Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA) where we had our offices.

One MODA office with Sgt. Don Scott at desk, MSgt. John Klasinski far left, SP4 Lemas behind Scotty.

Scotty & Keith out on an adventure with some of the houseboys.

A nearby shack with this sign made for many photo ops.

New modern construction - probably the new fine home of a prince or wealthy businessman.

Bedouin tents were often pitched on the outskirts of the city. 

A common sight - both the "Get Up" soft drink sign & wandering goats.

Of course there were camels wandering about - usually hobbled

A common Riyadh form of transportation - this guy probably hauling water.

A Riyadh street scene from the older part of town.

A rare snapshot taken at a distance & on the move - then cropped & blown up in dark room. (I could have gotten in serious trouble for taking this one if caught!)

The new modern paved streets did not have good drainage for the infrequent rains. This winter shot was along the palace wall.

Another wet street shot. Cars & bikes would get washed in these puddles in the middle of the street when it rained.

Second hand store behind the Great Mosque.

Feisal Street - Changing of Police.

Bedu Souk - Canal Street.

Bedu Souk.

Canal Street.

Riyadh Souk - behind Headchoppers Square.

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