Black & White Photos, Group 2 - Mission Personnel & Friends - Everyday life of our Riyadh gang & friends.

Another almost random collection of scanned black & white photos.  Most of these are of people - our Mission personnel, support people and the folks we worked with day to day.

Mr. Beebee, manager of Canada Dry plant & Bill Cathcart in front of the bottling company's car. Canada Dry was our source of potable water.

Keith's roommate, Bill, at work at his desk at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA).

Keith not at work down the hall in his office at MODA.

Civilian Mission English language instructor Don Haddad in his classroom.

In this well equipped classroom Don helps Saudi officers learn the language they will need for further US military training.

Don with some of his officer students in front of the classroom.

Bob Shaheen was another civilian English language instructor.

Local civilian employee Mahmoud Snobar, our valuable translator & "handler."

Radioman Sgt. Don Elkins in his official radio room in our enlisted villa.

Sp4 Lemas, SDp5 Bennett & Moerke at the rear of our wonderful hard riding, difficult to drive old bus.

East on left, Sgt Elkins driving, MSgt. Simko on right.

Sgt. Ed Ouelette on the unit's forklift - a handy tool for lifting reefers on to truck & aircraft.

Dated 8 Feb 6l - Louie, Ed & Humm either loading or unloading one of our food supply reefers on/off a Gooney.

SFC Ed Jones & his crew, including Clark & Ali in white, unloading supplies at the compound. 

MSgt. Ed Humm - "Musical Motor Sgt."

Sgt. Don Scott & Ali with new Ford station wagon driven out from Dhahran through a sandstorm.

MSgt Simko & "Tippy-Toes" Bennet engage in a lively ping pong game in the upstairs common room in the enlisted villa.

A hot villa card game. Clockwise from Scotty: Luke, Will Bennett, Bobbie Orr.

The barber that made house calls. Here he is waiting in our upstairs common room.

Mourke, Mac, Simko, Wil & Ed warm the already very hot bench at one of our frequent compound volleyball games.

Some portable military unit by one of our villas somehow caught fire. Keith plays fireman after it is turned on its side.

Sgts, Jones & Ouelette supervising the delivery of non potable water to the bottom tank at our villa. How great to shower in tan to brown water. 

Del Moerke & "Big Bobby" Orr (& Del was a tall guy!).

SFC Don Harris at the local "NCO Club" just down the dirt road from our villa.

MSgt Ellsworth Blois (Keith's boss) ready to ship home as his boss, Lt. Col. Croonquist, bids him farewell.

A large group of our crew, including Canada Dry's Mr. Beebee, at the airport to say goodbye to leaving Bill Cathcart.

And the shutter-bug Keith with his new German Kodak 35 mm camera recently smuggled in from Aden.

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