Photo Gallery & Impressions 27 - Cambodia - Day 3 PM

Artisans d'Angkor Workshop, Temples Thommanon & Ta Keo; leaving


After another great lunch as part of our tour package, our last afternoon in Cambodia was spent doing a little souvenir shopping, visiting a crafts training center, a visit to 2 more temples just north of Angkor Wat, and then final preparations before our flight back to Thailand that evening.

(The backgrounds for our Cambodia photo albums are from the Angkor Wat bas-reliefs.)

The welcoming sign at the "Les Artisans D'Angkor," a woodworking & stone carving training center & workshop.

This government sponsored training center teaches gifted rural students traditional crafts skills that can help them return to their community as a productive citizens.

Students start with smaller projects of stone carving under close supervision of skilled craftspeople.

Advanced students progress to larger projects. Wood carving & a type of lacquer ware are also taught here. An onsite gift shop helps support the facility.

Our next stop was the temple Thommanon dating from 1150 & located about 2 km north of Angkor Wat & just east of Angkor Thom.

In between rain showers we enjoyed the carved stone in this quiet & peaceful temple in the jungle.

Outstanding here are the many beautifully carved apsaras (female celestial dancers).

Just east of Thommanon we come across this ancient bridge which is loosing the battle with the tree roots.

Farther east we come to the last temple we will visit in Cambodia, Ta Keo, dating from around the year 1000.

Peg stays among the ruins at the lower level as she has had enough "temple climbing."

Keith cannot resist the climb to the higher levels of this temple for a great view of the surrounding area.

At these higher levels, Keith ponders the huge stone blocks that were somehow raised to these heights.

The problem of going up temples is facing the careful climb back down.

It is now time to leave & our guide, Sopheak, our van driver & Peg pose in front of the tour van in front of the airport.

The sun sets over the Siem Reap Airport as we wait for our flight out. A fine ending to a very memorable 3-day tour.  Thank you Sopheak, Pink Rose & Cambodia!

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