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It was pouring down rain, and Patrick had pulled over to the the side of the road to take an urgent phone call from work.  It was all too coincidental to look across the road to see a mill for sale.  Patrick is always on the lookout for a nice cheap mill to buy and refurbish -- or at least to dream about.  This required an umbrella of which we had a few.  We spent the better part of an hour exploring the nooks and crannies of this intriguing prospect.  This was indeed an historical site connected to a castle hidden on the hill above.  This is the noted "Moulin de Brezal" (French link) or the Brezal mill (Google English translation).  See either link for a beautiful 1865 drawing of this mill site, plus a 1920 photo indicating what Harry St.Clare might have seen on his visit here.

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