Our Beirut Hotel & Staff - Versaille Home Residence

These are a few photos of our very comfortable home base in Beirut, the Versaille Home Residence, located on the corner of Cairo & Baalbek Streets in the Hamra District, about 4-5 blocks south of the American University of Beirut.  It was conveniently located among many good restaurants, excellent shopping & several Internet cafes.  The staff here was most professional, friendly and helpful.  We send our California greetings back to all of them and thank them again for helping to make our stay in Lebanon most enjoyable.

Keith outside the entrance of the Versaille.

A view up the front of our hotel.

A view of the lobby & front desk through the plate glass front. 

The desk was often staffed during the day by friendly & helpful Lena & Eva.

Here Patrick gets to pose with the front desk ladies.

Another view of the front of the hotel.

And yet another view.

Lena, Eva & Patrick in the lobby with Syrian friend & hotel guest in the rear.

We caught the ladies a little off guard in this photo.

A nice photo of two very helpful & charming women.

A view in the sunlight.

A view after dark.

The only presentable photo of our comfortable room (the other side was where we dumped our "loot" and dirty clothes).

This is a view up Baalbek Street about 2 blocks away from the hotel (which would be at the far end of the street on left).

The fellows manning the desk on our last night - Mustapha, Manager Bilal Arnaout & assistant (name ?). 

Another view of the guys working on our last night at the hotel - Speedy Bilal is just a blur here.

Bilal takes this photo of Keith, Mustapha & and Patrick at the front desk.

The Versaille Home sign late at night.


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