Patrick & Keith Wheeler visit Lebanon



(with stopovers in Amsterdam)

September 9-19, 2002

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With rather short notice, father & son decided take a 10 day trip to visit Lebanon - Patrick for the first time - Keith to revisit a country that he last visited over 42 years ago.  Their base would be the capital city of Beirut, with day trips out to other cities and areas.  Why did they decide to make this trip & at this time?

Our Reason for Going


During our stay in Lebanon we tried to keep family members informed of our experiences by sending e-mails and a few sample photos by utilizing the services of Internet cafes.  Upon our return we tried to hastily turn these e-mails and photos in to a web site to share our experiences more widely.

E-Mails & Photo Sampler


We both took digital cameras and took many, many photos during our travels.  Our next task was editing these many photos and trying to choose those to share on this web site.  We had to make tough choices regarding those that would be left out, otherwise there would just be too many photos.  

Here are our expanded Photo Album selections:

9/10 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - en-route to Beirut ...


Day1 - 9/11 - Beirut: Center of Town, Jounie, Telepherique, Harissa


Day 2 - 9/12 - Beirut Pigeon Rocks, American University Beirut, Jeita Grotto


Day 3 - 9/13 - Byblos (or Jbail), Beirut Evening

Day 3 supplement - Nakrouchy Restaurant


Day 4 - 9/ 14 - Chouf Mountains: Deir al-Qamar, Moussa, Beiteddine, Jezzine, Sidon (Saida)

Day 4 supplement - Byzantine Mosaics Collection, Beiteddine Palace


Day 5 - 9/15 - Bekaa Valley: Anjar, Baalbek, Zahleh, Ksara

Day 5 supplement - Night Walk around Beirut


Day 6 - 9/16 - Beirut, Lebanon Mountains to East, Cliff House, Visiting Friends


Day 7 - 9/17 - North Lebanon: Al-Mina, Islands, Tripoli, Citadel, Grand Mosque, Souk, Casino

Day 7 supplement - Off Shore Boat Ride, Snorkeling Photos


Day 8 - 9/18 - Beirut - Shopping & saying "Goodbyes"


Day 9 - 9/19 - Flight Home - Beirut to Amsterdam to San Francisco International

We like to take photos, not just of the typical tourist attractions, but also of folks and places that show everyday life and are of human interest, at least to us.  It is often difficult to fit these many and diverse photos in to sensible and efficient categories.  Above you find our photo albums following roughly a chronological order.  Here are a few photo albums that present some of our photos a little differently.  





Our Beirut Hotel & Staff - Versaille Home


Restaurants We Visited


Shops & Businesses We Visited

Including an Internet Café


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We met many wonderful folks during our visit. We exchanged e-mail addresses with several and promised to make contact and/or send some special photos. Alas, arriving home, we discovered that we lost some of these precious addresses. If you are one of the folks that gave us your address and you have not heard from us, PLEASE drop us an "e-line" to either 
or Keith

We also invite your comments and any questions you might have. 

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