Postcards & Xmas card from Lebanon - 1960-61

    Keith visited Lebanon twice during his Saudi Arabian duty, once in October 1960 and again in April 1961.  He usually stayed at the City Hotel in downtown Beirut with trips to outlying towns and areas.  Many photos were taken during these two visits, but the collection of slides were loaned to a family that had to flee Beirut during the war.  Those slides were never returned and attempts are still being made to try to have them returned.  We are not optimistic at this point.  Many wonderful memories of the beautiful people and country remain, along with these few cards.

    In 2002 Keith and his son Patrick were able to visit Lebanon.  For reports and photos from this great trip see our "Patrick & Keith Wheeler visit Lebanon" web site.

"Souvenir of Beirut" Card (city scenes)

"BEIRUT: St. George Bay - Aerial view"

"BAALBECK: View of the two Temples"

"Sidon - The Castle"


Christmas Card from friend Tony who worked at the City Hotel. (Would love to make contact with him or members of his delightful family. Email Keith)

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