20. Slogvik Farm, Part II - Spinning, Fjord Views, Visit to Mother Laura's, Krumkake.

See Travel Report #9

Description: Slogvik home with good view of fjord and Borgøy in the background.
Description: Peg spins a bit of fleece on Rotraud's wheel.
Description: A pleasant pastime of traditional crafts.
Description: PC gets in the act.
Description: Laura's house toward the fjord from Einar and Rotraud's.
Description: Another view of Laura's house on Bruk 7 of Slogvik farm. Borgøy in background.
Description: A view of Laura's house with outbuilding and barn.
Description: South side of Laura's house.
Description: View from Laura's dining room window.
Description: Keith and Laura, Einar's widowed mother.
Description: Keith, Einar, Erik and Laura sharing family pictures
Description: PC, Einar, Laura and Rotraud
Description: Family group picture in Laura's home after coffee and cake.
Description: Anna, Erik, Laura and Helga.
Description: Peg makes krumkake in Rotraud's kitchen
Description: The krumkake is finished and quite edible.
Description: We have krumkake feast!
Description: Peg goes fishing with Terje and Ellen on the fjord.
Description: Terje and Ellen fish while Peg catches pictures of the late night sunset
Description: It just kept getting better ...
Description: and better ...
Description: and better
Description: . . . It is nearly midnight

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