22. Tysvær Sunday - Slogvik Brunch, Sandbekken, Tysvær Church & Cemeteries, Cleng Peerson Monuments.

See Travel Report #10

Description: Sunday brunch in our honor at Slogvik home - The Slogvik neighbors (Einar's cousins) join us.
Description: The families surround the fantastic spread of wonderful foods.
Description: Genealogy discussions around the coffee table and the bygedebøker
Description: Steinsvik where one catches the ferry to Borgøy, home of Lars Hertervig, a prominent Norwegian artist.
Description: The so-called "Cleng Peerson House" at the Sandbekken park and interpretive center.
Description: Inside the old house - this is the kitchen where the cooking was done.
Description: Peg asks our guide about the spinning wheel in the upstairs of the old house.
Description: There is also an old loom in the upstairs room.
Description: Outside the "1950's house" at Sandbekken.
Description: Inside with 50's decor.
Description: Einar reminisces next to a radio/record player like the one he had when he was young.
Description: Another old restored building on the grounds.
Description: Inside the little house. 
Description: The Tysvær church and cemetery.
Description: Laura and Einar at Edvard's grave at Tysvær.
Description: View from the Tysvær church cemetery
Description: View of Tysværvågen from the cemetery
Description: Cleng Peerson monument below the Tysvær Church.
Description: Another monument to the famous Cleng Peerson, this one located near where he grew up on the Hesthammar farm.
Description: View of Hersdal and Askeland farms from Hesthammar.
Description: Another cemetery near the Tysvær Church.
Description: One of the older gravemarkers in the cemetery. A Slogvik descendent, Kari Dahl.

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