25. Slogviks to Velles - Good-byes at Slogvik farm - to Stavanger & Petroleum Museum - express boat to Jørpeland and the Velle home.

See Travel Report #12 & #13

Title: A treasured going away gift. Einar the artist presents Peg with one of his paintings.

Title: The car is loaded with the Wheeler luggage as we get ready to leave the Slogvik farm. Ellen takes a break from her house painting job to join us on our drive to Aksdal to get the bus.

Title: As we leave the the Slogvik farm we pass Einar's big truck parked in the lane.

Title: One view as we drive towards Aksdal.

Title: Near the Aksdal bus stop the Tysvær kommune flags are flying as rain threatens.

Title: "2 Americans and 5 suitcases." - photo & title by Rotraud Slogvik. Here over-luggaged Keith & Peg wait in Aksdal for the bus to Stavanger and bid "adjø" to the Slogviks.

Title: Arriving in Stavanger during a rain storm, we visit the Petroleum Museum. Here Keith stands outside on the replication of an off-shore platform.

Title: Here Peg is out on the Museum platform with the bridge to Hundvåg in the background.

Title: A view from the express boat as we near Jørpeland and the rain lets up.

Title: The Velle home on the outskirts of Jørpeland.

Title: Peg pauses on the walkway to their front door and enjoys the flowers and landscaping,.

Title: Here Aud Marit and Kristian Velle are on the walkway in their garden.

Title: The fine wood work is obvious in the Velle kitchen - this all done by Kristian. The wooden door on the right is to their walk-in refrigerator.

Title: Another fine piece of furniture that Kristian built graces one wall of the kitchen. Outstanding craftsmanship!

Title: Aud Marit and Peg visit in the upper living room.

Title: The impressive view out on the deck and fjord from their living room.

Title: A distant view of the fjord from near the Velle home.

Title: Another view from the neighborhood - this time looking inland towards the hills.

Title: Driving up into the hills behind the Velle home, we have a magnificent view of Jørpeland below.

Title: Peg and resident cat, Tomlin, make friends. It was clear that this was his house.

Title: Huge Tomlin has no trouble finding a comfortable pose.

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