26. Solbakk Petroglyphs between Jørpeland and Tau - in the Ryfylke Region of Rogaland Fylke

See Travel Report #12

Title: Kristian & Peg approach the rock carvings at Solbakk with the fjord in the background.

Title: Peg stands at the base of the rock carvings to give scale to the size of the rock and the site.

Title: These Bronze Age carvings from around 1,000 to 500 B.C. depict ships and suns and were discovered in the 1920's.

Title: Here Peg tries to photograph a close-up of one of the carvings.

Title: A close-up showing the ship motif with its crew and 2 circular suns overhead. It is believed that these symbols had religious powers.

Title: Archeologists have painted these carvings with red paint to make them more discernable.

Title: Another view of these intriguing and important petroglyphs.

Title: To be in the presence of evidence of such ancient artists is humbling and a privilege.

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