31. Jørpeland Fish Market and visit at Martin Nag's Summer Home

See Travel Report #15

Title: After part of a day in downtown Jørpeland with our cameras inactive, we come across a mobile fish market near the quay and waterfront.

Title: With Aud Marit's supervision and help, Keith buys crab for the evening meal, this to supplement the crab catch of the night before.

Title: Taking a break at the Velle home, Peg is inspired to do some sketching on the deck overlooking the fjord. Downtown Jørpeland can be seen in the background.

Title: Just a short distance from the Velle home is the Nag farm. Here we visit the summer home of the famous local genius and historian, Martin Nag. Notice there are no driveways nor paths to this pleasant house overlooking the Idsefjord.

Title: Martin Nag and Keith soon fall into deep discussions about many topics as Samuel Norland on left looks on. Martin is well prepared with research materials and articles and books that he has written. Keith's Quaker ancestors were a primary topic.

Title: A short pause in talk for this photo of Martin, Keith, Samuel Norland (farm owner and cousin to Martin) and Kristian.

Title: And then it is time for posing for a more formal group photo. Left to right: Samuel Norland, Martin Nag, Keith and Peg. The beautiful fjord view gives the background.

Title: And here is another group photo - this one with Kristian, Martin, Keith and Peg. Here Kristian holds his newly purchased copy of the book Martin just published.

Title: Martin waves from the deck as we walk down across the field to our waiting car.

Title: In the Velle home, Peg, Kristian and Aud Marit pause for the obligatory photo before starting a delightful crab feast.

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