33. Tour of Prehistoric Village at Landa, Forsand kommune, and visit to the Lars Nag Home at Helland, Strand kommune. 

See Travel Report #16

Title: While we wait for our guide at Landa, Kristian checks an informational marker. This thatched roof building is an archaeological reconstruction of one built in this area around 1000 BC. Excavations in this area have led to the need to rewrite Norwegian history.

Title: Kristian explains an important point as they now wait behind this building. The walls of this building are of wattle (woven sticks shown at left) and plastered with daub (adobe like mixture). The roof is supported by large poles.

Title: Our guide in period dress shows us a bronze hatchet cast from the ancient mold found at this site. She explained that the craftspeople who built the first reconstructed building on this site had to learn how to work the wood using these bronze implements.

Title: Peg stands in front of a sod roofed reconstruction of a blacksmith's place, this based on archaeological finds from the iron age. Based on a book the Velles gave us, this area known also as Forsandmoen had been in continuous settlement for more than 2,000 years (1500 BC to 600 AD)

Title: This shows some detail of the smithy building. While wattle is used in some places, the walls here are planks with chinking. The sod roof, placed on rot resistant tree bark, is kept in place by an ingenious use of poles and tree branch forks.

Title: Our guide and her associate pose outside a reconstruction of a wooden meeting hall from the more recent "migration period." On the right near the door is a display of building materials and techniques that were used.

Title: This gives more detail of the interesting wood work at one of the doors to the meeting hall. Notice the massive wooden hinges.

Title: In spite of our shadows, this photo shows the detail of lapping of the vertical planking used for the sides of the meeting hall.

Title: With Peg on the right, this shows one part of the interior of this large wooden meeting hall. As indicated by the tables and chairs here, this hall is just not for show but various events are held here.

Title: Having gone through countless tunnels during our days in Norway, we decide it is finally time to document a few of the many with some pictures. Here we take photos of two tunnels on our trip from Forsand back to Jørpeland.

Title: Here we enter another tunnel south of Jørpeland. We were impressed with the attractive and efficient design of the many tunnels we saw.

Title: After returning to the Velle home for dinner, Kristian drives us up into the hills to visit the Lars Nag family, but first we pause on the road overlooking Jørpeland and the fjord for some more scenic photo ops.

Title: Inside the pleasant Nag home we find (L to R) Lars Nag (genealogical data at the ready on the floor), his wife Vera, Kristian, Peg & Keith. Son Ivan must have taken this photo as he is missing (see travel report 16). We enjoy good conversation, delicious cake and excellent coffee.

Title: Soon we are also visited by Lars' cousin, the noted Martin Nag, whom we met earlier (see travel report 15). Here Martin on the left poses with his younger cousin Lars. Keith "met" Lars on the Internet Norway List to which both subscribe. They discovered they were 11th cousins.

Title: Martin and Keith also pose for a picture. Keith who is 6' 1" becomes aware that his distant cousin Martin is a very tall man. During this visit Lars furnished Keith with genealogical data that helped him understand his relationship to this Nag family.

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