40. Last Evening in Oslo - Hertervig Paintings and Sites near our Hotel, the Rica Oslo

See Travel Report #19

After the Folk Museum we hurry to the National Gallery. We want to find the paintings of Lars Hertervig who was from the island of Borgøy near the Slogvik farm. This Hertervig painting is called "View from Tysvær."

Another Hertervig painting. This famous Norwegian painter from the Tysvær, Rogaland, area is known for his ethereal works and his often troubled state of mind. For more on our previous visit to the National Gallery, check out our Report #1 and Photo Album #2.

We face a crowded Karl Johans gate (street) as we head back toward our hotel, the Rica Oslo. The hotel is at the end of this street on the left and just across from the main train station.

From our Rica Oslo Hotel room window, we look right down across the street to the Oslo Sweater Shop. This was just too tempting, and we were soon there enjoying shopping for Norwegian sweaters. They have 2 other shops in Oslo and a great on-line store!

Here is the side of the Rica Oslo Hotel that faces the Oslo Central (train) Station. Yes, that is a McDonald's sign on the roof, but fortunately we never saw any signs of a McDonald's in this area.

Another interesting tram near our hotel. It seems that each one is painted much differently. The Oslo Central Station can be seen on the far right.

Tired Peg relaxes in the outside café. Our hotel is to the left; the Oslo Cathedral is behind Peg.

Peg took several shots here trying to catch the bird feeding off the café tables. She never did photograph the bird, but she did catch Keith people watching.

Our outdoor café gives us a good view of the open area in front of the train station and this interesting clock tower.

We walk toward the distinctive Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel.

From the elevated walkway to the SAS Plaza we get a good view of a now quiet Biskop Gunnerus gate with the Oslo Cathedral in the distance. On the right is the multi storied OsloCity shoppingcentre.

Back in our hotel room, we photograph the original oil painting hanging above our bed. It is entitled "Boy With a Sallow Flute" and is by Christian Skedsvik.

Peg was pleased that she captured this stunning view from our hotel room very late at night. OsloCity shoppingcentre is in the center; glass faced high rise Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel to right. A very nice ending to a very full day and a very full month.

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