41. Leaving Oslo - Our Flight Home

See Travel Report #19

On the morning we are to leave Oslo and Norway, Peg enjoys a cup of rich Norwegian coffee in the very pleasant surroundings of the Oslo Rica Hotel's dinning room. Of all of the lovely hotel breakfast areas, this comfortable and friendly room got Peg's top rating.

Keith enjoys his last Norwegian breakfast of this trip. Do we look tired? Yes, we were, but we were also very content and happily filled with many great memories to take back home with us.

After breakfast we still have a little time before we need to catch the airport bus. At Keith's insistence, Peg poses by one of Keith's favorite art pieces in this hotel filled with works of art.

Right in front of our hotel we wait for the airport bus. Very convenient!

From the airport bus' window we catch views of the country side as we head toward Gardermoen Airport several miles north of Oslo.

We pass many well kept farms in this rich agricultural area.

Here we near the airport after about a 45 minutes bus ride.

Peg easily wheels our heavy luggage from the bus in to the terminal on the carts provided. This airport tower is an interesting sculpture piece itself. Gardermoen is a fairly new facility and everything seems very convenient for tourists.

We soon pass through all the steps needed to leave the country and then wait to board our SAS plane.

We are soon in the air bound for home. Our next stop will be Newark, New Jersey, but we first have to look out the window to see as much of our beloved Norway as we can before we go above the clouds and out over the ocean.

Keith rests his recently injured foot at the airport terminal at Newark, New Jersey. Thanks to a canceled United flight, we have a long wait.

Finally boarding our rescheduled flight, we taxi out for take off only to have our plane pulled off and put on hold until this line of planes departed. It seemed that this endless line included all the planes in the world!

Finally ready for take off, we look back and see another endless line of planes now waiting behind us. This, we learn, is Newark during the rush hours.

Finally in the air heading west we look down on what must be the city of Newark or environs --- Quite a contrast to our recent views of Norway.

Flying west in to the setting sun we see some thunder head clouds building somewhere in the Midwest. It will be dark before we land at San Francisco International Airport. This was the last photo of the many we took over the past month.      Hilsen.

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