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The Authentic Replica of the Original Historic Norwegian Sloop Restauration that Sailed to the U.S. in 1825

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     Here is an unofficial collection of online information about the authentic replica of the wooden Norwegian sailing sloop Restauration that was built on the island of Finnøy just north of Stavanger, Norway.  It was launched at Finnøy on April 15, 2010, and christened in the harbor of Stavanger on June 16, 2010.  The purpose of this page is to assist interested English-only speaking individuals to access the information, photos, video and audio clips related to this Norwegian-American emigration project undertaken in southwestern Norway.

     The official English language version of the web site for the "Stiftelsen Emigrantskipet Restauration" or The Emigrant Ship Restauration Foundation is no longer available in its original form or in English.  The present official "Emigrantskipet RESTAURATION" site is available only in Norwegian:

If you are not familiar with the Norwegian language and desire to learn more and/or want to navigate this website, we recommend copying and pasting the above URL in to the "Google translate" Norwegian to English translation site.


     The Ryfylke Trebåtbyggjeri (Wooden Boat Builders) on Finnøy Island was chosen to construct the wooden ship using authentic period materials and methods.  Their web site is only in Norwegian (try pasting the URLs below in to Google's translator):

  - Photo albums from the contruction, the April 15 launching ceremony, and the Hanne Krogh Concert:

  - To view more of the interesting and beautiful Norwegian boats that this facility builds and repairs, click on top-tabs and links on the right side of this page: TRADISJONELLE BÅTAR (traditional boats).

The Christening Ceremony, Stavanger Harbor, June 16, 2010

     See the following web pages from the Norwegian newspaper "Stavanger Aftenbladet" along with the warning that this is in Norwegian but the photos and video are great:

     Norwegian local NRK TV clip of the christening with some English language comments from the US citizen of "Slooper" Norwegian ancestry who actually christens the sloop: currently unavailable
This clip will continue on with an interview with a board member of the Foundation, this being in Norwegian, and then continuing on with the local evening news from the 16th.

     Stavanger's Emigration Center's English language web page related to the christening ceremony, plus the unveiling of a historic nameplate for Slooper leader Lars Larsen Geilane:

Photos from the June 16th Christening Ceremony

Photos by Jill E. Russell of Virginia, USA

Jill, a descendant of an early Quaker & leader of the original "Slooper" group, was on hand to do the honors of christening the Restauration II

Restauration II sailing in to Stavanger harbor next to Queen Mary II.

Jill Russell & Emigration Center Director Hans Storhaug on sloop with QM2 in background - photo by Jill's son Scott.


Photos by Foundation Board Member Gunleif Seldal of Klepp, Rogaland, Norway

The sloop Restauration II at the quay in Stavanger just before the christening ceremony begins.

The story is being told. From left: Thor Christian Haugland, SR-Bank; Jørn Flesjå, boatbuilder; Jill Elaine Russel; Arne Nordbø, Foundation board member.

Honored guest Jill Russell delivers her address to the christening ceremony crowd - Hans Storhaug on left

After the christening, standing onboard are Board Member Arne Nordbø, Jill, Board Member Per Inge Bøe (also of Emigration Center) + 3 local 1825 era reenactors. The newly anointed Restauration II comes about preparing to leave Stavanger's harbor. 


Photos by Lars Asbjørn Nag of Helland, Tau, Rogaland, Norway

Unable to attend the afternoon celebration, Lars Asbjørn gets to the harbor late in the day as the light begins to fade, but before the sloop departs.


Honored Guest from the U.S.

     Jill Russell and her son Scott came to Norway to do the honor of christening the new replica. They also were involved in a dedication of a plaque honoring the early Quaker and leader of the emigrant group who sailed on the Restauration, Lars Larsen Geilane.  Lars came originally from the area just south of Stavanger.  Jill and Scott  descend from this prominent historical figure.  They visited some of the family's ancestral farms and met Norwegians with similar connections to these farms.  The local Norwegian newspaper JÆRBLADET, published in the Jæren region (south of Stavanger) in Rogaland county , told of this in their June 25th issue.  The article is available here in Norwegian in a 2.17 MB .pdf file (no English translation currently available):


Photos from After the Christening


Photos by Einar Slogvik of Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway

Einar owns the Slogvik farm on the Hervik fjord where original sloop crew member Jakob Anderson was born and raised. A strong supporter of all things related to the early Slooper emigration story, Einar watched as the Restauration II sailed past his farm on its way to the community of Skjoldastraumen where the fjord becomes so narrow that many years ago a lock was constructed to enable boats to pass through this area of strong tidal currents. This is also the spot where the fjord to the north becomes Skjolda fjord.  On this day, the sloop had come north to participate in the local community's “Slusedagane” (The Lock Days) Festival.

The sloop in the lock (sluse in Norwegian) with Hervik fjord in background.

Einar Slogvik, photographer of most of this series, stands by the Restauration II.

Festival goers are invited onboard for refreshments...

  ... and to tour the newly constructed sloop.

The aft of the sloop is inspected.

Local 1825 emigration era reenactors welcome photos.

The white bearded gentleman onboard in the center is the captain.

Nice woodwork and craftsmanship are evident in the aft of the sloop


4 minute tribute to Norwegian history

 Sloop Restauration under sail October 2010

Video clip from Norwegian National TV's Regional Web TV's "Around Norway," Oct. 1, 2010

NRK, NETT-TV, Norge rundt 01.10.2010, Distriktenes magasin. Programieder. Eva Laukøy

Be aware that this video is all in the Norwegian language, and when the portion pertaining to the sloop ends, the video continues right in to the next local interest segment.


Background Material on the Restauration II replica & the original Sloop that sailed to the U.S.

     2 part article in English that appeared in the "Norwegian American Weekly" in 2008 gives a historical overview of the original sloop and introduces the project to build the replica

·         NORWEGIAN AMERICAN WEEKLY 14. mars 2008 NORWEGIAN AMERICAN WEEKLY 21. mars 2008(1,49 MB)

·         NORWEGIAN AMERICAN WEEKLY 21. mars 2008 NORWEGIAN AMERICAN WEEKLY 21. mars 2008(669,57 kB)

     On September 18, 2007 Peg and Keith Wheeler had the honor to accompany Foundation Board Member Gunleif Seldal to Finnøy to meet some of the other Board Members and visit the boat works where early preparations were underway to build the replica.  Unfortuately, our new digital camera chose this critical time to have technical problems.  All but 3 photos were lost forever.  See the lower portion of this photo album:


     BACKGROUND MATERIAL on the 'SLOOPER SAGA" - - - The "Slooper Monument Project" web pages give much background and history on the original sloop Restauration and those who sailed on her across the Atlantic in 1825.


*Restauration III ? The author of this page was recently reminded of another replica or model built to honor the original small ship to bring emigrants to the US in 1825.  It was on display at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul at the Norse American Centennial and was built by the Østerdalslaget.  That organization died out in the 1960's, but a new lag was started in 1995 which encompassed all of Østerdalslag's area, plus 3 or 4 more kommuner. A new name was chosen:  "Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag."   Dixie Hansen, President of Nord Hedmark og Hedmarken Lag has made available this panorama photo of this early replica with proud Østerdølers posing in front:

Click on above image for larger 684 KB photo

The sign on the center of the sloop reads: "Exact Model of "RESTAURATIONEN" Built by ÖSTERDALSLAGET for Norse-Am Centennial."  Old records of Østerdalslaget indicate that the builders, "were not proud of it, as there was not raised enough money to complete the project. However the intention was good and it probably helped marketing the celebration."  Research is continuing to learn more about this Restauration replica built in the US.

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     The English language site (US flag) is not as up to date or  as complete as the Norwegian language version.  For those not familiar with the Norwegian language or able to plug web URLs into online language translators such as that offered free by Google, the following links are recommended:

  - the photo album from the April launching on April 15, 2010, at :

  - and the photos with the mast and rigging up after the launching:
  - photos taken by Kjell Augestad sailing into the harbor in Stavanger for the christening ceremony of June 16th: