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The Ship* & The Stone
The tiny Norwegian Sloop Restauration sailed to America in 1825 with the first organized group of Norwegian immigrants since Viking times. This small group was composed of dissidents seeking religious freedom much like their English Pilgrim predecessors.  Therefore this sloop is often called the "Norwegian Mayflower."  Passengers aboard the sloop Restoration and their descendants are called "Sloopers."  The eventual success of the Sloopers in the US led to subsequent waves of Norwegians to this country.

One aboard the sloop was Jakob Anderson who came from the Slogvik farm north of Stavanger, Norway. Unlike others on this historic vessel, he and his wife Serena, another "Slooper," continued to move westward, eventually settling just south of Napa, California.  In 2003 a large Viking-like monument stone was sent from the Slogvik farm to California to act as an historical marker at the graves of these Slooper pioneers who settled so far west. The stone was sent by the local Tysvær government, the local historical society and Slogvik family.

This site is devoted to the story of these Sloopers & their monument stone (called bautastein or bauta in Norwegian).

BACKGROUNDJakob Anderson Slogvig (Slogvik) and his wife Serena (Serine) Tormodsdatter Madland were both born in the early 1800's in southwestern Norway. As young people, they were aboard the small sloop Restoration which sailed in 1825 with a group of emigrants from Norway to America.  ... more history - including recent finds on life in Napa area ...

THE SLOOPA Sloop is "a fore-and-aft rigged boat with one mast and a single headsail jib," according to Webster.  This historic 54-foot Norwegian sloop is at various times called Restauration, Restoration, Restaurasjonen, Restorasjon and "the Norwegian Mayflower." No photos or exact images of this ship exists, but this is what we have learned  ... more details (including a photo album of sloop images) ...
THE PROJECTThe "Slooper Monument Project" involves bringing a Viking-like monument stone (or "bautastein") from the ancestral Norway farm to a California gravesite as a tribute to pioneer immigrants. Here is the background and development of this concept and how it came to be, including who were the responsible players.
UPDATES-TIME LINEThe sequence of related events from the conception of the idea to the completion of the project --- With LATEST UPDATES - dedication date:Saturday, May 15, 2004
ENDORSEMENTS: Credit given to those who have supported this project.  What you can do... CONTACT INFORMATION
MAPSA collection of map images showing the location in Norway from where these Sloopers and the monument stone came - their migration across the US - where their Napa Co. land was located - of the Napa Tulocay Cemetery where they were buried.
PHOTOSCollection of photos & images related to this project.  See the stone in its various stages and locations - the Napa cemetery - Napa County land owned by this family - the Slogvik farm in Norway - other bautasteins.
SLOOPER LINKS/BIBLIOGRAPHYCollection of Internet Links and References related to the Norwegian Slooper story.
We Did It!:  Details for the May 15th Dedication Day & Hanne Krogh Concert.  Day's schedule of events; Links for latest information & new photo albums; Contact Information; & more. (latest developments & new articles)


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SEE: NEW DEDICATION EVENT PHOTO ALBUMSPhotos from Norway Day Festival, Arriving Norwegian Guests, 15 May 2004 Dedication Activities, Post Dedication Touring Activities. (new photos uploaded 2007 & 2008)

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NEW: Restauration II Index (July 2010 updates, links, photos, videos)

Launched Apr. 2010 in Finnøy, Norway; Christened Jun. 2010 in Stavanger, Norway.


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