1174. Sten Sivertsen JELSA (783) (784)(785) was born in 1593 in Norway. He died before 1680. Bailiff in Jelsa, Norway, 1617-28; first marriage to Birgitte.
David Cross's data indicates that he married a second time about 1649 to Kirsten Jensdotter.
"Stein Sivertsson was the lensmann in Jelsa skiprede from 1617 to 1628. He took over Jelsa Mehus from his step-father, Orm Nilsson Bokn, in 1614. Stein was a wealthy landowner and a very quarrelsome individual who was constantly involved in lawsuits against the pastor in Jelsa. He was also a rather unusual fellow as he could both read and write. He also was known to ignore the law when it suited him. For example, he sold oak timber despite the fact that the king had forbidden trade in this commodity. Stein also was accused of allowing young men in his district avoid conscription in return for bribes and this accusation lost him his job as lensmann. Stein was one of the jurors who convicted Sigrid Sigurdsdatter of witchcraft. She was later executed." (This translated quote from a bygdebok was taken from a GEDCOM file of Greg Hagen and furnished by Lars Asbjørn Nag of Rogaland Co., Norway.) He was married to Birgitte ANDERSDTR. before 1616.(786)

1175. Birgitte ANDERSDTR.. Children were:

child i. Siver Steinson JELSA(784) (787) was born about 1622 in Jelsa, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. "44 year(s) in 1666, living Jelsa"
child ii. Anders Steinson JELSA(784) (788) was born about 1626 in Jelsa, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. "40 year(s) in 1666, living Askvik in Jelsa."
child iii. Stein Steinson JELSA(784) (789) was born about 1642 in Jelsa, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. He died in 1675 in Agero, , Denmark. "24 year(s) in 1666, dead at Agerø in Denmark in Military service in 1675."
child iv. Lauge Steinson JELSA(784) (790) was born in Jelsa, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. "married to Liva Olsdtr. Kjølvik, living Grove in Sjernarøy."
child v. Eli (or Elen) Steinsdtr. JELSA(784) (791)(792) was born about 1616 in Jelsa, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. (786) She died about 1685 in Barkeland, Jelsa, Rogaland Co., Norway. "married to 1) Stein Tallakson Barkeland. 2) Lars Larsson Opsal." (Jelsa Bydgebok)
Elen Stensdtr. Jelsa and Sten Tollaksen Barkeland were ancestors of Slooper Daniel S. Rossedal (Rosdail). See J. H. Rosdail's Slooper book, p. 486a.
Eli is also found in David Cross's on-line database. David has her marriage "abt 1635 in Jelsa, Rogaland" to Stein Tallakson and lists their 8 children; her marriage "abt 1658 in Barkeland, Jelsa, Rogaland" to Lars Larsson Opsal and lists 2 children from this marriage.
child vi. Magla Steinsdtr. JELSA(784) (793). "married to widower Osmund Olson Kilane."
child vii. Marit Steinsdtr. JELSA(784) (794). "married to Jon Pederson Tveita."
child viii. Sigrid Steinsdtr. JELSA(784) (795). "married to Lars Larsson Jørstad."
child587 ix. Birgitte Stensdtr. JELSA.

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