Black & White Photos, Group #3 - Mission Personnel & Friends - Everyday life in & around Riyadh

Another collection of scanned black & white photos.  Most of these are of people - our Mission personnel, support people, the folks we worked with day to day, and folks we met on our explorations around Riyadh.

Too bad this photo was not better preserved. Here is Lt. Col Croonquist (aka "CQ") at our compound ball court with our Xmas 1960 invitational tournament sign.

Major Donald Connor at work in his office at the Ministry of Defense & Aviation (MODA) - Saudi Arabia's answer to the Pentagon. 

Next to Keith's G-3 desk is that of his boss & friend, MSgt Ellsworth Blois. Together, we sent many Saudi Officers to the States for specialized training.

Maj. Allen Weigand at his desk at MODA.

"Big 8" John Klasinski at his MODA desk - Lemas, Scotty & Bennett in background.

SFC Bob Orr at his work station.

Luke (MSgt. Lukens) at his MODA desk with SFC Hochstrasser bending over.

Said was another Saudi civilian employee & translator that worked with us at the Ministry.

"Strepka on roof of Carrier" was the caption on the back of this photo. The only Air Force guy with us at Riyadh. If my faulty memory is not too far off, Strep was the guy that had his face cut open when a Sudanese cook came in to our dinning area with the butcher knife. 

MSgt "Guz" Gusman keeping track of supplies in one of the Mission's trucks

"Sody Pop" Sgt. Don Harris at our unit's radio communication station.

Keith spends much time in the enlisted villa's darkroom.

Some sort of portable military unit by one of our villa that caught on fire. One of our house boys with the fire extinguisher & Sgt. Wyland behind him with a bucket of water knock the fire down before we tip the unit & then Keith starts to chop some of the burning wood away. 

Sandy, here standing on the balcony outside Keith's villa bedroom, was one of the TWA/Saudi Airlines pilots that frequently visited us at the compound.

SFC Hugh Wyland & our trusty Mission Jeep.

Sgt. Lavern Jones ("Jonesy") with the reliable desert Mercedes.

Keith usually drove & polished this VW crewcab.

At the airport waiting for the Gooney - Elkins, Blois, Louie, Scottie & Luke.

Luke & his Voigtlander Bessamatic Zoomar! - the fanciest big lens camera among our group. Was he leaving this day?

Photo dated Feb. '61 - CQ, Blois, Bill, John, Bennett" walking out to the Gooney - probably day Blois & Bennett shipping home.

MSgt. Blois & Louie saying their final good byes at the door of the Gooney.

Moosa, Ed, Moerke, Ahhmed, Bucky & George" on the front steps of our villa.

With the trusty Mission bus in the backgound, Bill Cathcart says goodbye to friend Mousa.

In front of the Gooney that will take Bill on the 1st leg of his trip home, he bids farewell to Louie.

3 fellow GIs at the entrance of the cave (see drive towards Al Kharj) with a Bedu tagalong. 

This cave at the base of escarpment exposes underground river where this rigging platform is used for pumping the water out.

Don Elkins looks up & out of the cave as he enjoys the coolness here in contrast to the outside desert heat.

Keith & Don Elkins with friends on one of our outings, probably the same time as our visit to the underground river.

Two Saudi fellows we met somewhere during our travels out and about Riyadh.

Some of our officers trying to impress our Saudi hosts by eating the Saudi way (with their right hand) - the Saudis are trying to impress their Yankee guests by eating the Western way (with utensils). Caption on back: Maj. Bland, Lt Col. Raffaeli, Lt Col. Via and Lt Col. Croonquist.

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