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Black & white photograph which appears in the front of J.H. Rosdail's book, The Sloopers: The Story of the People on the Norwegian Mayflower. The photo at left in the Slooper book & above is of an old model of the sloop Restoration on display at the Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, Iowa. Another photo of the Restoration model, displayed at the Vesterheim along with artifacts from the very early emigrants. Photo by Keith The large model of the sloop Restoration in an attractive display at the Norwegian American Emigration Center, Stavanger, Norway. Photo by Keith
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Image found on p. 9 of The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People by Odd Lovoll, 1984. A Restoration picture brought back from a trip to Norway many years ago by the parents of Celia Freese. This picture taken with permission from Celia's Mysen Family Genealogy web page. Anyone with more information on this picture, please contact Keith. Original painting once displayed by the Versterheim Museum. Painted by Sigmund Aarseth depicting the Restoration leaving Stavanger Detail of Restoration from painting at left from the Vesterheim in Decorah, Iowa. Photo by Keith
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Painting print hanging in the entrance to the Stavanger Friends (Quaker) meeting room, 2001. Photo by Keith This started a search for more information on this excellent painting. After years of searching, it was learned that the original was hanging in the Palace in Oslo. The painting was done for the 1975 150 year anniversary of the sloop party's immigration. Here is an enlarged cropped image of this sloop image. The original painting was presented to King Olav V but Lithograph prints were made available. Keith was able to purchase one of the few remaining in 2008. From the souvenir booklet, "The Fox Valley Norwegian-American Sesquicentennial 1825-1975," this image pictures the artist Robert Moak (a typo here gives his surname as "Mork") with his painting.
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Photos taken by Keith Wheeler of the Anna of Sand as it was used to depict the Restoration at the Emigration Festival in Stavanger, Norway, on July 4, 2000.  (Photos by Keith) A sloop model & builder (Hans G Andersen). This model was used in the 2000 Stavanger Emigration Festival. (Photo by Keith)
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Models on display at the Fiskerimuseum (Fisheries Museum), Bergen, Norway. (Photos taken with permission by Keith Wheeler on June 30, 2000.)

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2 views of a mounted 8 inch wooden half model of the Restauration hull purchased from the Norwegian Emigration Center in Stavanger, Norway - this reportedly constructed "in accordance with old line drawings and based on ancient handcraft traditions." "Norse-American Centennial" U.S. 2 cent postage stamp issued May 1925, this being 1 of 2  commemoratives (2nd being a Viking ship). Image is "an artist's rendition of what the ship Restaurationen probably looked like based on a drawing of its sister ship." [Scanned stamp courtesy of Patti Goke] Thanks to Chairman Geir Lunde of the Karm°y Frimerkeklubb (Stamp Club) for the use of this Restauration stamp image from their web site. The artist was Sverre Morken & the stamp was issued 21 April 1992 as part of the European CEPT thematic Europa postage stamps. Also thanks to Geir Lunde of the Karm°y Frimerkeklubb for use of this 30 °re 1947 Norwegian stamp commemorating 300 years of the country's post office from his collection. Depicted on this stamp are the Restauration & the "Father of Norwegian Emigration" Cleng Peerson. Click here for image of both cancelled & clear stamps.
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A 2' x 3' original oil painting of a Norwegian sailing vessel painted by Conrad Sel???? hanging in Eureka, CA, Sons of Norway Fram Lodge #13 building.  (Photo by Keith) Another, closer view of painting hanging in the hall of the Eureka Sons of Norway building. Photo by Keith


Older model in "stabbur museum" on Skiftun farm, Ryfylke region of Rogaland, Norway. Photo by Keith


Restaurationen on a Norwegian Christmas card circa 1910. Image furnished by Tom Thomas; card sent to his Uncle Carl by Tom's grandmother Kristina Tobiason who emigrated in 1908 from Logevik, Sogndal i Dalene. TRANSLATION: (on left: Merry Christmas!; on right: The Restauration with the first Norwegian immigrants to leave Stavanger in the year 1825.

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Embossed Sloop image on the cover of the original edition of J. H. Rosdail's The Sloopers; Their Ancestry and Posterity

Images of the Sloop appear on the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA)'s web pages.

Sloop image on the stationery of The Norwegian Slooper Society of America.

Pen & ink sketch by Peg Wheeler based on other sloop images on this page.
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"Br°drene" af Sand

A jekta built in Ryfylke region of Rogaland around the middle of 1800th century.

Slupp Restauration

from the cover of a 1998 Rogaland, Norway, Telenor telephone book. [Picture furnished by Gunleif Seldal of Klepp, Norway.]

Our Slooper Monument Project logo in one stage of development.

Illustration by Karl E. Harr, p. 48, in book Blow, Silver Wind by Erik Bye, 1978
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Pewter Restauration Christmas ornament (both sides) made in Norway for the Vesterheim Museum of Decorah, Iowa - image based on a model in the museum's collection (1st row center above).  Ornament still available through the Museum's Gift Shop

Small (1/2"x3/8") Sterling silver pin of the Slooper Society. Close inspection reveals an inaccurate 3-masted ship.

Norwegian 5 Kroner commemorative coin issued in 1975 to honor the 150 years of emigration. See opposite side & coin in case with details. Images & coin furnished by Gunleif Seldal of Klepp, Norway!
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"Norwegian Immigration Sesquicentennial"

Silver medal issued in 1975 probably in USA commemorating 150 years since the departure of the Restauration.

"They came from Norway

and helped build America"

Silver medal issued in Norway recently and is part of a number of medals highlighting memorable events in Norway over the years. The backside shows the three Norwegian kings in modern time (since 1905).

[Images of both coins in this row furnished by Gunleif Seldal of Klepp, Norway.]


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This commemorative plate is one of a series of famous Norwegian
ships. [Images furnished by Gunleif Seldal of Kleppe, Norway.]


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Plate's backside.

CLICK HERE for rough translation of inscription.


12" commemorative plate "Utvandererjubileet" (The Emigrant Jubilee) by StavangerFlint of Norway. [Gift from Gunleif Seldal]

Backside of "Utvandererjubileet" plate with information in both Norwegian & English.

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7" Porsgrund commemorative plate (1825-1975) with Sloop image.

Click here to see back of plate. Photo by Lisa Mansfield, Brookfield, WI.

7" pewter plaque/plate from TysvŠr kommune. [Gift from Sjur Slogvik in 2004.] Porsgrund Commemorative plate "Norske Klassiske Skip - Restauration - Nr. 4" (Norwegian Classic Ship Nr. 4) by Firkl°veren A/S. [photos from the Gunleif Seldal collection.] Backside of "Norske Klassiske Skip - Restauration - Nr. 4"

"Norse American Centennial 1825-1925 St.Paul - Minneapolis -- Restaurationen" medallion.  [Gunleif Seldal collection)

Medallion shown at left used as Osterdalslaget commemorative badge. [photo courtesy of ??]




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Frame-able detail image of Restauration's sloop (or "slupp") rigging with wooden half-model hull.  [Donated by Eivind Helle of Scandinavian Heritage, Long Beach, CA.]

Image scanned from the cover of the 1925 souvenir booklet, "Norse-American Centennial 1825-1925." A scanned image from the inside title page of the 1925 souvenir booklet cited to left. It was published by the "Centennial Committee" & printed by Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis A classic image of the Sloop Restoration scanned from page 15 of 1925 booklet cited to left.  This artist rendition appears often in many publications without citing artist or source. Can also be found online at "The Promise of America" web site, click here (notice their logo). This contemporary painting of the sloop  is 1 of 4 rendered  by a Norwegian artist Geir Bjoergum. (Used with permission of artist & owner) CLICK HERE to see more of Geir's work.

Relief carving of Restauration on monument stone (bautastein) sent from Norway to Napa, California, cemetery (see Slooper Monument Project) Unveiling of the Restauration "bauta" monument by Norwegian-American stone carving artist Ira Kessey at Napa California's Tulocay Cemetery, May 15, 2004 California stone carving artist Ira Kessey with glass casting made from bautastein on display at San Francisco's Norway Day Festival 2005.  (Photo by Keith) Bronze casting from Slooper bautastein project's "Artist's Study" by Ira Kessey (a precious gift from Ira to Keith). Click here for photo of artist & casting taken in 2005, San Francisco's Norway Day Festival.

Bronze sculpture of the Restauration by Wm Barth Osmundsen was commissioned by the Norwegian Immigration Assoc. (NIA).

This fine art, cast sculpture was unveiled and put on display at the NIA reception at Ellis Island in 2000 commemorating the 175 years of Norwegian immigration.

To provide recognition of financial support of the NIA-Ellis Island exhibition the above NIA 175 anniversary pin by artist Osmundsen, with 2 famous symbols of Norwegian heritage - the Restauration and paper clip - was commissioned in both gold and silver.  After the year-long exhibition, the bronze sculpture at left was auctioned.  The high bidder, Victor Samuelsen, donated the sculpture to the Norwegian Seamen's Church, 317 East 52nd Street, New York, NY, where it is now on display in the 2nd floor library of the Church.  (All photos furnished by the artist and used with his permission.)

Three-quarter inch (2 cm) diameter commemorative Restauration pin. Pin & attractive presentation box, a valued gift from Gunleif Seldal, June 2011.

Artistically crafted 2011 silver pin designed & produced by CALDER DESIGN STUDIO of Stavanger, Norway, for ...

... LIVSGNIST (Spark of Life), a Rogaland, Norway, organization to promote spirited interest and joy of life in the Ryfylke region of Rogaland - with many activities centered on Finn°y Island where the sloop Restauration replica was built.


See recent illustration based most up-to-date research, as well as check progress of the building in Norway of the replica of the sloop Restauration plus recent photos - at:


(Presently in Norwegian only)

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Launched Apr. 2010 in Finn°y, Norway; Christened Jun. 2010 in Stavanger, Norway.

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