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We continue to seek endorsements from individuals and groups, both in Norway and the United States. Members of the Slogvik family in Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway, have been supportive since the inception of this project, as have descendants of Jacob and Serena Anderson living in the US.

  1. The first group to give their initial support to this idea was the Tysvær Local History Society (Historielag). Several key members gave their verbal approval of this idea in December 2001.  Later, at their next regular meeting, this group gave their official endorsement.  

  2. Tysvær kommune, Rogaland, has been very supportive of this project from early on, Cultural Officer Ingvar Frøyland being quite instrumental. Ingvar will be coming to California for the May 15th dedication!

  3. Nov. 3, 2002 - Sons of Norway, Fram Lodge #13, Eureka, California, endorsed the concept of this project.

  4. May 8, 2003 - Eivind Helle of Scandinavian Heritage, Long Beach, California, endorsed the project.

  5. May 2003 - Stewart & Jo Saugstad & team (including artist Ira Kessey - also see at Turlock Marble & Granite Works, Turlock, California, indicate interest in, & willingness to assist with, the Project.

  6. July 12, 2003 – Board of Directors, Colusi County Historical Society (Sacramento Valley, California), “voted unanimously to officially recognize and support this project and the dedication ceremony planned for the future."

  7. July 15, 2003 – Knut Djupedal, Director, Norwegian Emigration Museum (Norsk Utvandrermuseum), Ottestad , Norway, e-mailed his interest and support.

  8. Sept. 2003 - Slooper descendant Emma Uhl/Roney, husband George Roney, their children & grandchildren declare this large northern California family's strong support of this project. (Note: Emma, of the Chico, Butte Co., area is the 3rd great granddaughter of Jacob & Serena. Emma's husband George descends from Eijah True & John A. Roney who were both neighbors of the Andersons in the Soscol area south of Napa in the mid 1800's - an interesting story yet to be told!)

  9. Oct. 12, 2003 - The Norwegian Slooper Society of America, at their annual meeting in Norway, Illinois, agreed to support the Monument Project and hope that some of their Midwest members might come out to the 2004 dedication of the stone. This fits well with one of the Society's objectives stated in their constitution: "3. To authenticate, preserve, and mark historical spots made memorable by Slooper association."

  10. Nov. 23, 2003 - Sons of Norway, Viking Lodge #89, Chico, California, vote to support the project in concept and with a monetary donation.

  11. Dec. 7, 2003 - Board of Directors of the Napa County Historical Society voted their support- in- concept of the Monument Project after a presentation by Director Floyd Stone.

  12. Jan. 12, 2004 - Received word from Hans Storhaug, General Manager of the Norwegian Emigration Center in Stavanger (norske utvandrersenteret i Stavanger), of the Center's endorsement of the bautastein project. They have linked the bautastein project on their web site. Hans & the Center played a key role in Peg & Keith's July 4th, 2000, visit to Stavanger and the city's annual Emigration Festival. Hans will be coming to California in May for the dedication!

  13. Jan. 21, 2004 - Received an e-mail from Cecilie Klaumann of the Norwegian Consulate General's Office in San Francisco.  She reported on her discussion of the bautastein project with Consul General, Are-Jostein Norheim, and confirmed that the Royal Norwegian Consulate General's Office in San Francisco endorses the Slooper Monument Project.  We have received further word that the Consul General or his representative would like to participate in the dedication on May 15th and will provide funding to sponsor the attendance of Norwegian singer Hanne Krogh.  [The Consulate General did provide major underwriting for the Hanne Krogh visit and concert; a generous donation of $500 was also forthcoming.]
  14. Jan. 30, 2004 - Received e-mail from Curator of Education Evangeline Tai passing on announcement from Executive Director Eric Nelson that the Napa Valley Museum of Yountville supports the Project.  Peg & Keith will be presenting their Power Point presentation there as one of their Educational Programs on Saturday, April 24.

  15. Feb. 2004 - Sons of Norway Foundation awarded a $600 grant to the Project.


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