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In early 2003 Einar Slogvik proposed that a large stone found on the Slogvik farm in Tysvær, Norway, be used as the bautastein or monument for this project.  Keith and Peg Wheeler visited the Slogviks in February 2003 and the Slogvik stone was seriously considered.  Norwegian TV heard of this proposal and Sigmund Hansen, a regional representative of Norway's national TV, NRK, came to the Slogvik farm to do a television segment on the stone.  For photos of this February 19th taping and interviews with Einar and Keith, CLICK HERE.  Additional photos of this stone can be found HERE.


This stone weighs about 1,300 kg (2,870 lbs. or 1.43 US short tons) - approximate maximum dimensions are: 2.7 meters (9 feet) high x 1 meter (3 feet, 4 inches) at its widest x 0.3 meters (10-12 inches) thick.

In April 2003 Einar Slogvik obtained a price quote from a Norwegian shipping company, Total Spedisjon A/S.  He found that crating and shipping the Slogvik bautastein from Haugesund, Norway, to the San Francisco Bay area of California might not be as costly as we first thought.  Support for this project grew in Norway with possible sponsorships there to pay for shipping. Contact with the management of the Tulocay Cemetery indicated their positive support of this project. 

7 May 2003 - Newspaper article about this project, "Minnestein over pioner," appears in the Haugesund newspaper, Haugesunds Avis (in Norwegian only). 

Mai 2003 issue - "Slooper Monument Project" article appears in The Viking Hjelm, newsletter of the Orlando, Florida, VikingWorld Lodge, Sons of Norway (page 3).

20 May 2003 - Received word that Tysvær kommune and Tysvær Historielag will each furnish 2500 Kroner to pay for the shipping of the stone from the Slogvik farm in Norway to a dock in the San Francisco Bay area, California!  The Slogvik family volunteers to pay the additional amount for shipping.

May 2003 - Norwegian-American owned Turlock Marble & Granite Works agreed to coordinate the California receiving and processing of the bautastein (with assistance from East Bay Granite of Oakland).

24 June 2003 - Einar Slogvik in Norway reported that the stone was prepared for shipment and stated, "Tomorrow I will send the bauta - the midsummerday."  See more photos of the preparation.

25 June 2003 - The bautastein started its journey, being sent from Haugesund by TNR to Oslo where it was shipped to California by Total Spedisjon A/S, a firm in Tønsberg.  At the Haugesund sendoff, Einar Slogvik & Cultural Officer Ingvar Frøyland were interviewed by Sigmund Hansen for NRK Radio. (There are some questions about when the stone could be placed and dedicated ... Could it be as early as May 17th of next year?? There are some very special people from Norway that could possibly attend then ... ?) 

18 July 2003 Norway ’s newspaper Dagen i Bergen publishes an article on the bautastein project written by Torbjørn Greipsland.

Mid Sept. 2003 – The stone arrives at an Oakland, California, dock.  Some minor paperwork problems delay its release but the stone should reach its processing point in Turlock, California, by early October.  

30 October 2003 - The stone arrives at Turlock Marble & Granite Works, Turlock, California!  After spending some time in the US Custom's "jail" due to paperwork problems the stone is released and is picked up by East Bay Granite of Oakland.  Maybe history is repeating itself in this subtle way.  After all, in 1825, the Slooper ship was impounded for violations of US laws in much the same way this Slooper monument stone had been held for some minor paper violation 178 years later.  Both eventually "got out of jail" and went on to their destined places in history. 


7 Nov 2003 > Photos of Stone + Turlock Marble & Granite Works shop + team that will prepare the bauta.


21-26 Nov 2003 - Peg & Keith travel to Napa/North Bay area to make contact with a representative of Napa County Historical Society (Floyd Stone), with Vallejo Sons of Norway, & Norwegian reporter Vivi Stenberg on staff of The Napa Valley Register. Vivi writes a great page one article now available online at Photos by Peg from the interview at Tulocay Cemetery #1 & #2.  We discover Floyd is related to Jakob Slogvik!!


10 Dec 2003 - The Project gets a favorable write-up in Pat Hicks' "People in the News," The Trinity Journal, Weaverville, California, page 9.


Jan. 2004 - Impressive 2-page spread in The Viking Hjelm, newsletter of the Orlando, Florida, VikingWorld Lodge, Sons of Norway (page 6-7) devoted to "The Ship & The Stone" project.


Feb. 2004 - Article written by Peg Wheeler entitled "Slooperman Jacob Anderson Slogvik" is published in Vestlandet, Vol. 100, Winter 2004, pp. 8-0; a publication of Vestlandslag, Austin, MN.


Feb. 2004 - Received initial word from the Director of the Sons of Norway Foundation that the Project has been awarded a $600 grant.


27 Feb. 2004 - Received confirmation that talented and popular Norwegian singing star, Hanne Krogh, will be coming to the dedication with her business agent husband Trygve!  Hanne will be performing during the day as well as giving a concert at the evening banquet.  Thanks to the Royal Norwegian Consulate General of San Francisco for funding assistance to make this appearance possible.  Visit our new " web page for HANNE KROGH" (in English) - our very special guest from Norway!


4 Mar. 2004 - We received word from Ira Kessey at Turlock Marble & Granite Works that he has completed the "artistIM000278.JPG (135890 bytes) study," trial carving of the sloop Restauration on a small piece cut from the bottom of the Slogvik bautastein.  This is the image that will be sculpted in a larger size on the top of the monument stone.  We were very impressed with the artwork.  This valuable piece of art and history will be presented to some lucky person at a drawing to be held at the May 15th banquet.


April 2004 - Project is listed in "Norwegian Spring" brochure published by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General of San Francisco.  See online version, an Adobe "pdf" file.


1 April 2004 - "Turlock Marble and Granite Works carving out Viking monument stone to mark family’s past" article appears in the San Joaquin Valley newspaper, the Turlock Journal.  See online article.


10 April 2004 - "Engraving memorializes Norwegian heritage" article appears in another San Joaquin Valley newspaper, The Modesto Bee.  See online article.


Apr. 2004 - Vol. 29, Nr. 1, issue of Norwegian Tracks published by the Vesterheim Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library has photo of Serine Madland and article, "California Slooper Project Nearing Completion," on page 8.


Peg & Keith were asked to make as series of presentations on the Slooper Monument Project:

        1.  Sons of Norway, Olav #82 Lodge, San Rafael -- Friday evening, Mar. 5, 2004.

        2.  Sons of Norway, Zones 2 & 3 Seminar, Richmond -- Saturday, Mar. 6, 2004.

        3.  Napa Valley Historical Society, Napa -- Sunday, Mar. 7, 2004, 2:30 pm.

        4.  Sons of Norway, Nordahl Grieg #52 Lodge, San Jose - Fri. evening, Apr. 23.

        5.  Napa Valley Museum, Yountville -- Saturday, Apr.24, 2:00 pm.


Feb., Mar. & Apr., 2004 - Articles about the Project appeared in several Sons of Norway & Scandinavian related newsletters.  For example: winter issue & Feb-Mar-Apr issue of Eureka's "Fram Clipper;" March issue of San Rafael's "Olavs Edda;"  March-April issue of "The Scandinavians" published in Santa Rosa; April issue of Oakland's "The Saga."  Page 3 of Monterey's Aasgaarden #112 Lodge's April newsletter was online (but no longer so).   Project was listed on several online calendars, e.g., Norwegian American Foundation Calendar, The Nordic Calendar, & Sons of Norway Coming Events.

8 & 9 May 2004 - We had the completed bautastein, as well as the "artist study" (shown above), on display at San Francisco's Norway Day Festival at Crissy Field.  Informational material was available at the booth of stone carving artist Ira Kessey.

sneak preview from 11 May 2004

Plans were well underway for a dedication ceremony to take place at the Napa Tulocay Cemetery on Saturday, May 15, 2004.  Over 25 interested folks from Norway, including prominent dignitaries and media personalities, came to California for this significant historical event.  See our "Join Us!" page for specific details on this day of celebration.


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SEE: NEW DEDICATION EVENT PHOTO ALBUMSPhotos from Norway Day Festival, Arriving Norwegian Guests, May 15th Dedication Activities, Post Dedication Touring Activities. (new photos uploaded 2007 & 2008)

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