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Photos from Norway Day Festival, Arriving Norwegian Guests, May 15th Dedication Activities, Post Dedication Touring Activities.

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Photos of present gravestone, Block 49, Lot 19, Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, CA.


    Inscription on grave stone



CLICK HERE for cemetery map to Slooper gravesite

CLICK HERE for Plot Record

CLICK HERE for gravesite photos taken May 2, 2003.

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In July 2002 the current owners of the Slogvik farm in Norway visit this grave site in Napa's Tulocay Cemetery.

Standing to left of stone is Einar Slogvik of Norway; Keith is to the right.


Here Rotraud Slogvik points out the large unused area in this plot.

CLICK for map, descriptions & photos indicating sites of Anderson family land holdings south of the town of Napa, near an area once known as Soscol City, near what is now the intersection of Highway 29, the Napa/Vallejo Highway and Soscol Ferry Road. 
CLICK for Photo Album of Napa County land possibly once owned by the Anderson family (photos taken Nov. 2003).
Napa-Suscol house.JPG (34602 bytes) Original Soscol House now (ca. 1998) moved and preserved as an Italian Restaurant south of Napa, California, USA.  After Jacob's death, Serene and her son, Andrew, ran the road house on the Soscol Ferry Road. 
07iowa.jpg (68186 bytes) CLICK HERE for album of 1999 photos taken in the Wheeler's Grove area of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. It was in this area that the Anderson family settled prior to coming to California in 1854. After Jacob's death, some of the family returned to farm successfully in this area. (Also see Map Page for maps of this Iowa farm area.)
bauta.JPG (20304 bytes) An example of a "bauta" stone or "bautastein" currently used as a monument in front of the Second World War Museum, Tysvær kommune, north Rogaland, Norway.

Another example of the use of such a bauta stone in Norway is the Sivle Memorial or bauta that honors the Norwegian poet Per Sivle and which can be seen on this page from "Vossa.Net!"  Another bauta located next to the Gjesdal Church southwest of Stavanger (near the Madland farm).

cushmanmonument_sm.JPG (21827 bytes) An example of the family monument for a Plymouth, Massachusetts, Pilgrim family, Keith's Robert, Thomas and Mary (Allerton) CUSHMAN family.

While not desiring something as elaborate as this, we feel that our Norwegian "Pilgrim" ancestors also deserve more recognition than their current gravestone provides.

21stone_backview.JPG (58550 bytes)   A "bauta" stone at the Sons of Norway Fram Lodge #13 cemetery plot at the Ocean View Cemetery, Eureka, California.
einar_stone2.jpg (56555 bytes) Einar Slogvik stands by the stone found on the Slogvik farm, Tysvær kommune, Rogaland fylke, in southwest Norway. This stone measures roughly 9' H x 3' W x 1' thick. We are proposing that this stone be brought to the Napa California cemetery where Jacob Anderson Slogvik and his wife Serena are buried. (photo taken 17 Feb. 2003) CLICK HERE for more photos of this bautastein.  Larger individual stone photos #1 and #2.
3guys.jpg (91717 bytes) NRK TV's Sigmund Hansen comes to Slogvik regarding Bautastein Project.  CLICK HERE for the photo album of this February 2003 day on the Slogvik farm.  CLICK HERE for more bautastein photos from 2 days previous when Knut from Odda came to inspect the stone. 
slogvik_farm_view.jpg (66510 bytes) An aerial view of the Slogvik farm as it looks today.  Einar & Rotraud's newer red house is in the upper right of this picture. That is the very location of the ancient hewn log timber house that Jacob's grandfather built and where Jacob was born and raised. It was from the field shown in the upper right of this photo that the bautastein came.  Additional photos of the Slogvik farm taken during our visit in the summer of 2000 can be seen HERE.
The bautastein arrives at Turlock, California! CLICK HERE to see the photo album of the Slooper Stone with the crew at Turlock Marble and Granite Works.  They will be preparing the stone and setting it at Napa before the dedication on May 15, 2003.
IM000278.JPG (135890 bytes)IM000277.JPG (197774 bytes) 4 Mar. 2004 - We received word from Ira Kessey at Turlock Marble & Granite Works that he has completed the "artist study," trial carving of the sloop Restauration on a small piece cut from the bottom of the Slogvik bautastein.  This is the image that will be sculpted in a larger size on the top of the monument stone.  We were very impressed with the artwork. 
More photos from Nov. 03 meeting at Tulocay Cemetery with Fred Stone, Napa Co. Historical Society, & Vivi Stenberg, Staff Reporter for Napa Valley Register - plus visit to lutefisk feast put on by Vallejo Sons of Norway.


bauta_set_web.jpg (108049 bytes) The completed, planted and duly dedicated bautastein (monument stone) now stands proudly at the Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, California, USA.  For a photo album featuring the Slooper bautastein CLICK HERE.


Photos from Norway Day Festival, Arriving Norwegian Guests, May 15th Dedication Activities, Post Dedication Touring.


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