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Three Norway maps giving location of Slogvik farm in Norway.

     See Map page from 2000 Norway trip for more Norway maps.



Map of Northeast US showing arrival at New York City & travel up to Kendall Settlement, New York.

Map of upper eastern US showing relocation from Kendall to Fox River Settlement, Illinois.

Map of upper eastern US showing movement on to Wheeler Grove in southwest Iowa.

Map of whole continental US showing Jacob's family's westward moves from east to west coast.

Map showing location of Soscol & possible Anderson properties between Napa & Vallejo in California.

More detail 1951 map showing possible locations of Anderson properties in southern Napa County, California.  For key & explanation of this map, go to the "Search for Napa Land" page.

TULOCAY CEMETERY, NAPA, CA. map showing detail location of Tulocay Cemetery east of downtown Napa.

NEW DETAILED MAP showing Cemetery & Fairview Park.

Another map of the city of Napa showing Banquet site (Elks Lodge), Tulocay Cemetery & Fairview Park.

Tulocay Cemetery map showing location of the "Slooper" Anderson family's grave plot.

Image of "Plot Record" for Anderson family's grave site.


IOWA MAPS (see Iowa photo album):

Early map of Pottawattamie County showing Grove Township & Wheeler's Grove area.

1885 Grove Township map showing Wheeler's Grove & Section 20 where Jacob Anderson family first settled in 1848.

Enlarged portion of 1885 Grove Township map showing nearly 1,000 acres owned at this time by son Andrew J. Anderson; Wheeler Grove Christian Church & 2 cemeteries highlighted;  red "X" marking Anderson home site (family moved to nearby Carson about 1880).


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